Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

‘Supernatural’ season 14 special feature highlights take fans to Comic-con, may cause tears

Fans of Supernatural were taken on a bit of a whirlwind adventure this past season with Lucifer’s son Jack innocently misusing his tremendous powers and Dean directly facing off with the archangel Michael who has possessed him and has interesting plans for the future of humanity. 

In addition to all 20 episodes, the DVD/Blu-Ray set includes 3 featurettes (Supernatural Homecoming: Exploring Episode 300, The Winchester Mythology:  The Choices We Make, and Supernatural:  2018 Comic-Con Panel), 2 audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and a gag reel.

As a die-hard fan of the series, I truly enjoyed the three featurettes.  I actually cried for a moment watching episode 300 which featured the return of the family’s patriarch John Winchester (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). 

Having watched these characters since the series began and having lost my own father at an early age, the idea of a family reunion facilitated by a mystical object is both a dream come true as well as a nightmare.  The episode and the companion featurette explore the truest desire deep in Dean’s heart revealing he’s not as hardened as Sam may think.

Who wouldn’t want to have a normal family dinner with both loving parents “back from the dead” even if for just a few hours? 

With the characters aware that the reunion will be extremely short-lived, they focus on expressing their love and pride in one another and avoid any of the petty arguments that accompany many family gatherings.

Seeing the brilliant smile shine across John’s face when he is reunited with his beloved wife is a priceless moment that strikes every romantic straight through the heart.  This featurette is possibly the greatest component of the set because it dissects the episode that fans will never forget and sprinkles in the feelings of the actors in shooting such an emotionally-driven episode.

The 2nd great bonus feature is the recording of the 2018 Comic-Con Panel. 

Full disclosure….I’ve never been to a Comic-Con convention because the thought of the crowds is a bit overwhelming for me.  So being able to watch the cast discuss the 14th season as they joke and tease one another is quite a treat.  Knowing that the 15th season as being announced as the final season definitely makes me wonder if there will be many more opportunities to see this type of interaction among the cast without it being a tearful exchange. 

Fans will delight in seeing that the cast truly appears to enjoy working together which could be part of the magic that has kept the show on the air so long.

The single disappointment in the set is one of the two audio commentaries.  Limiting the first one to only 2 actors led to awkward pauses and almost incoherent babble at times.  However, the second audio commentary was extremely entertaining involving 4 individuals in on-screen and off-screen roles.  Surprisingly, neither commentary included Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki who play the Winchester brothers themselves.

They probably would have been a better choice for the 1st commentary.

I would expect that fans of the show watched the episodes as they aired in real-time, so are the bonus materials enough of an enticement to spend $49.99 on the Blu-Ray package?  If you’ve been collecting the other seasons, it’s absolutely worth it. If you’re really interested in the entertaining featurettes, then it’s probably a set you’ll enjoy. Given the emotion behind the Episode 300 featurette, it begs the question, what will go into season 15 and it’s featurettes that will bring the entire series to a close?

Review by Debbie Sage


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