Published On: Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

Successful Project Manager Makes Plans to Expand Business

With the country under quarantine in the wake of the coronavirus, millions of business owners have been forced to close their doors. However, the project management company Square One and its CEO Mark Corum have been using this time of uncertainty to expand operations. 

Though the company has just entered into the startup phase, they’ve already built up a respectable list of clientele in California. Despite this, Mark already has his eyes set on a new prize – Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Any project manager who knows what they’re doing will tell you that Las Vegas, and the surrounding towns, can be a gold mine for companies like Square One. Breaking into this new market, however, comes with uncertainty in a world gripped by fear. 

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Swift expansion 

While some may see Mark Corum’s swift expansion as overly aggressive in a market currently frozen by fear, he only sees opportunity. 

 “Las Vegas has always been on my radar,” Mark commented. “I think the market out there is ready for a newcomer like Square One. It’ll take some time to find solid work with the coronavirus ravishing the country, but I want to be in a good position when this thing finally blows over.” 

Mark’s ambitious plans are bold, to say the very least. An expansion across state lines would require the opening of a new office, the adoption of new rules and regulations, and all manner of additional legal technicalities. 

The process would be tedious, to say the very least, but it’s a challenge that Mark and the team at Square One appear to be eager to take on together. When we asked Mark about what prompted his intentions to branch out to Las Vegas, he stated that the move has been in the works since the announcement of the coronavirus. 

Offering new services 

Square One specializes in deck and kitchen remodeling. However, with the swift expansion into Nevada, Mark Corum intends on expanding the list of services offered by Square One. Additional services include roofing and living room remodeling, amongst similar services. 

When you break down the numbers, Las Vegas residents are more interested in these types of services, as opposed to kitchen remodeling and deck installation. 

“My team is up to the task,” Mark commented. “We’re all very good at what we do. No matter our market, we will adapt and offer the services that our clients need.” 

Statistics support Mark’s statement. In 2020 alone, over five hundred Las Vegas residents have sought out roofing services for home renovations. More than half have had negative experiences with their local project management company. 

With so many residents in need of quality project management services, it seems that Square One will be greeted with open arms by residents in search of new blood. 

“New blood is always welcome in this town,” replied Mark Corum. “We don’t expect our transition to Las Vegas to be easy, especially with this virus running rampant, but it’s the best move for our company at this moment in time. We fully intend on still operating out here in sunny California, but it’ll be a while before business picks up out here again.” 

Author: Uday Tank

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