Study Suggests Why Men Are Reluctant to Go Eco-Friendly

Being environmentally conscious can save you money, but more importantly it helps to ensure that the world will be around for future generations to thoroughly enjoy. So, why are men less likely to participate in eco-friendly behaviors than women?

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According to CapitalWired.com, men see activities like recycling, composting, and even using canvas totes to carry groceries in as wholly un-masculine behaviors. Strange but true, and unfortunately, men are more likely to do what they think looks ‘manlier’ rather than doing what they know is best for the earth. Here are more details on the reasons why fewer men are opting for paper billing and how businesses can make men want to be environmentally responsible.

Going Green Is for Guys Too

Men basically think that openly participating in green activities is more feminine than it is masculine. This, in turn, has got some guys looking over their shoulder before they agree to do things that they know are good for the environment. Apparently, masculinity is just that important to guys. They’d much rather feel like they’re going along with the status quo and reinforcing their masculinity rather than going out on a limb. Simply put, more famous guys need to making going green cool. If men were to see football players driving hybrid cars instead of huge SUVs, they’d probably rethink how they feel about saving the environment.

Erasing Gender Roles in Modern Society

Many men see using power tools and hanging out in their man caves as being masculine activities. In fact, advertisers are constantly espousing what manliness is and how men can achieve it. Being lazy to the point of being downright slovenly is also a stereotypically manly trait, even if it has lots of negative connotations. Maybe people should stop trying to chalk eco-friendly behaviors up to being masculine or feminine and just consider it being responsible. You can find recycling bins in genderless common areas at the park and not just in the ladies’ room. The biggest, strongest, most macho of men aren’t afraid to rehab homes and complete renovations with repurposed materials, so why should being eco-friendly be such a stretch?

Masculinity Is in The Eye of The Beholder

Although a recent study about eco-friendliness and masculinity shows that guys are willing to literally sacrifice their future in order to be seen as ‘cool,’ not all men see things equally. There are men who are much more comfortable in their masculinity, and they aren’t going to be as personally affected by outside perceptions. These are the men who are comfortable rocking man-buns, man-purses, and going to get manicures on their days off. They aren’t feminine or even female identified, but they just seem to have a better sense of what masculinity is.

In general, men don’t want to do anything that will get them ridiculed, laughed at, or thought of as being weak and feminine. This is why some men dread going shopping with their families or even driving family cars. They’re willing to be insanely uncomfortable if they think their actions will help to preserve their manhood. Somebody just needs to convince them that not recycling is extremely unmanly.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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