Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

Study Suggests E-cigs Help Traditional Smokers Quit

Manufacturers and marketers of electronic cigarettes have long claimed their products help traditional tobacco smokers quit the habit for good. Despite continued governmental skepticism regarding these claims, things may actually be working out the way the e-cig industry claims. It turns out there is mounting evidence to suggest vaping can reduce one’s dependence on smoking and increase the chances of smokers giving up traditional tobacco for good.

A University College London study published in the British Medical Journal last week indicates there is a correlation between increased e-cig usage among a particular group and improved rate of success within that group to quit smoking. Though researchers wasted no time in making it clear there is no direct connection between the two, the results are surely promising for anyone trying to quit.

Two brands of e-cigs with the corresponding spare battery.  Equazcion at the wikipedia project

Two brands of e-cigs with the corresponding spare battery.
Equazcion at the wikipedia project

As a consequence, leading players in the e-cig industry are faced with tightrope marketing strategies. On one hand, there is great focus placed on making vaping seem no different than traditional smoking. E-liquid is increasingly being crafted to simulate the traditional sensations of Virginia tobacco and other familiar flavors. But on the other hand, marketers for vaping companies want to highlight the distinctions of e-cigs versus traditional smoking.

Will the emerging, increasingly regulated  e-cig industry focus on the similarities between their offerings and traditional tobacco products, or will they make a point to highlight the differences? The goal is to get the best of both worlds. Can you blame them?

The vaping business wants everything to do with the positive aspects of nicotine use – the almost artisan approach to capturing the aroma and flavor of standard cigarettes. Hence the aforementioned developments in making e-juice virtually identical to the classic tobacco experience. However, the growing evidence supporting the power of e-cigs in helping conquer a smoking habit are too attractive and downright important for companies to not utilize.

From the points of view of critics, this verges on the border of hypocrisy. Are we trying to glorify smoking or trying to snuff it out?

Critics are ignoring a fundamental component of nicotine use and chemical dependence in general: we consume these things because we enjoy the experience. Nobody lights up a cigarette to dread the consequences. Just like nobody drinks alcohol in hopes of having nausea. In short, (and plagiarizing the late comedian Bill Hicks a little) – we use substances because they work.

With this in mind, the claim there is hypocrisy within the vaping industry is simply false. Nothing says it’s contradictory to enjoy the benefits of certain substances – the nuances of flavor, texture, and so forth – and be concerned about ways to avoid threats to health.

Despite suspicions of hidden danger, e-cigs are being shown to help lifelong smokers kick their habit for good. It seems to put the business in a tough spot – between associating with tobacco or cherishing the distinction of being a new product. However, upon closer inspection it would appear as though the vaping industry is succeeding at eating their cake and have it too. Considering the way in which one can partake in the pleasures of tobacco use without the dangers, it would appear that e-cig users are similarly getting the best of both sides.

Author: Jimmy Simond

Anti-Smoking ad date 1905, public domain

Anti-Smoking ad date 1905, public domain

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