Published On: Wed, Nov 24th, 2021

Steps to take after a Car Accident in Baltimore

Despite introducing new initiatives designed to increase road safety in the city, a significant number of road traffic accidents continue to occur. Throughout Maryland, an average of 47,548 people sustain accident-related injuries each year, with more than 113,000 crashes per annum. Of these, over 20,000 crashes occur in Baltimore County, with approx. 6,980 people are injured every year.

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No one ever intends to get involved in a collision but, given the number of incidents that take place, it’s important to be prepared for any situation on the road. With this in mind, look at these four steps to take after a car accident in Baltimore:

1. Call 911

If you or anyone else has been seriously injured due to the incident, be sure to call 911 immediately and request emergency assistance. When paramedics or police officers arrive on the scene quickly, it can reduce the risk of fatalities and enable victims to access life-saving treatment in the immediate aftermath of the accident. 

2. Report the Accident to the Baltimore Police Department

Even if you don’t require emergency help immediately after the incident, you may still need to report the collision to the authorities. You can determine whether a vehicle-related incident needs to be reported to Baltimore Police by using their crash matrix but, if in doubt, contact the relevant police force and ask for advice. Failing to report a crash can be an offense, so it’s important to understand what your obligations are if you’ve been involved in an accident on the road. 

3. Notify Your Insurance Company

If you check the terms of your car insurance policy, you’ll probably see that you’re required to notify your insurer of any accidents within a specific timeframe. This can vary from one policy to another, so be sure to check in advance and make a note of how long you’ve got to alert your insurance company. 

Remember – anything you say to your insurance company could be used when assessing any subsequent claims. Be honest in your communications but don’t make any statements that could affect your liability

4. Get Legal Advice from a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

Numerous legal consequences can arise following a road traffic accident in Baltimore. That’s why it’s so important to get help from a car accident lawyer following an incident on the road. If you’re incorrectly blamed for causing the collision, for example, you could face compensation claims being made against you – and you may even face criminal charges. By getting legal advice, you can ensure that the correct person or people are held to account.

Furthermore, your car accident lawyer will help you to establish whether you’re eligible to claim compensation following the incident and if so, help you to maximize your claim. 

Recovering From a Car Accident in Baltimore

Although some collisions are more serious than others, any type of car accident can be difficult to deal with. In the days and weeks following the incident, be sure to seek professional help when you need it and give yourself time to fully recover both mentally and physically. 

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