Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2019

Steps to Preserve Your Legal Claim When You Are Injured by Another’s Actions

If you have been involved in an accident or some other type of event that caused injuries to you, then you may be able to seek compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. In order to have legal grounds to file a lawsuit like this, you must be able to prove that there was an incident that caused injuries, the incident was someone else’s fault (by either negligence or malice), and the injuries had some sort of financial impact on your life. If this sounds like it’s anything like your situation, then read more to understand the steps you must take in order to ensure you maintain your rights through this process. One of the most important things to do is to contact a personal injury attorney in Orange County to get started on a proper claim immediately.

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Document the Scene

Even if we don’t like to admit it, the human brain doesn’t do a very good job at remembering details as time goes on. As such, your recollection of your accident, the cause, and the details of those very important moments will begin to fade. To protect yourself against any confusion, document every detail as soon as possible. This way, you never have to worry about remembering a minor detail, or second-guess yourself about an important aspect of the accident.

Contact Witnesses

To support your own documentation of the scene, get in contact with witnesses to get supporting information for your own recollection. In some instances, they may have seen something that you didn’t – such as the offending driver speeding through a stop sign or driving dangerously before they struck you. Much like your own memory will fade, so will theirs; it is important that you make contact with witnesses as soon as possible.

Document Your Injuries

It may seem obvious, but if you do not document all of your injuries you may forget about some as time goes on. In addition to simply documenting your own injuries though, it is extremely important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident. Even if your injuries seem minor (like a stiff neck or a minor bruise), it is impossible to know what the injuries may turn into. The longer you wait, the easier it will be for an insurance company to suggest that your injuries didn’t come from the accident in question.

Never Accept a Settlement Offer Without an Attorney

When you are dealing with an insurance company for personal injury damages, they will offer you a settlement amount that seems to address your injuries. However, keep in mind that an insurance company’s top priority is to spend as little money as possible while protecting their financial interests and their client’s legal situation. In exchange for this offer, you will be required to waive your rights for a future lawsuit. Before you agree to anything from an insurance company, contact an attorney.

Hire a Lawyer

The most important and beneficial thing that you can do to preserve a legal claim is to work with a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. They will be able to explain your rights to you from a professional perspective, handle negotiations with the insurance company, and ultimately decide if or when it is appropriate to move to a full lawsuit to get you the money that you deserve. Without a lawyer, you may be leaving yourself in a vulnerable position that can be advantageous to the insurance company and their legal team.

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