Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2018

Steps To Picking An Influencer To Promote A Company’s New App

The right app going viral for a company can change the landscape of the company’s finances permanently. Getting an app to go viral is by no means simply as it will take a great marketing plan as well as an app that has an addictive or extremely useful function. Most companies that make apps make a huge mistake by trying to make the app do too much or think that the app is going to save their business.

Influencer marketing is a great way to get the app in front of users in the company’s target demographic. This type of targeted marketing is often times more effective than the campaigns companies run that target a broader spectrum of consumers. Picking the right influencer is not going to be easy as it is going to take research.  The last thing that a company wants is to invest thousands of dollars into an influencer only for a scandal to break mid campaign. Below are the steps to pick an influencer to promote a company’s new app.

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First Things First, Get Testers To Make Sure Your App Is Worth Marketing

Before investing money into an influencer it is important to have testers use the app extensively. These testers can provide invaluable feedback whether they are doing the ever important visual testing or testing for user experience. A company does not want to release an app that constantly needs to be updated due to coding errors. This can reflect poorly on the company especially if they are in the tech niche as it could be viewed as a less than competent brand. For banking type apps the most important thing is ease of use and security as the last thing anyone wants is their information leaking due to a security breach in the app.

Establish The Goal Of The App and Marketing Campaign

Every business might have a different final goal for their app with some wanting to make it easier on their current customers while others want to attract new customers. The app could be a step to legitimize a small company much like a website can do for small businesses. Gaming apps tend to be popular so generating interest in the app through marketing can be enough to build a large user base if people find the gaming intriguing enough. List out the goals of the campaign as this will play a huge role in choosing which influencer is right for this specific campaign. The Money Alert suggests that everything is tracked so the ROI for whatever the goal is can be tracked and data can be gathered.

List Out Potential Candidates

Once the goals of the influencer marketing campaign have been established then it is time to list out potential influencers to partner with. Different campaigns with different goals might mean picking a different influencer than was used in the past. The most important thing is that the influencer has built a sense of community among their followers. Otherwise, people will scroll passed their post as at times it is quite easy to see when a post is sponsored. Do not pick an influencer that is going to alienate a segment of the company’s target demographic. Overly political influencers are a great example of an influencer that can do this as many people are beginning to boycott certain businesses for associating with the party they are against.

Do A Trial Run With a Few Influencers

Pick a few influencers to do a test campaign with to see which influencer delivers the highest ROI. A similar number of followers does not make one influencer equal to another as they follower engagement is what counts. Research other partnerships that the influencer might have as you do not want to partner with an influencer that works directly with a competitor. A company with an  app designed to curb smoking urges should not partner with an influencer that is found commonly smoking whether it is cigarettes or an electronic vape of any kind. The return on investment can saturate at a certain point so watch out for this as this is a sign that you need to move on to another influencer.

Launching an app can take a business to the next level when designed and marketed correctly. Do not pick an influencer without doing due diligence as aligning a brand with the wrong influencer can be disastrous. Influencer marketing is here to stay as it is so effective so start honing skills to interact with some of the most powerful influencers out there.

Author: Tommy Wyher

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