Published On: Thu, Aug 18th, 2016

Steps that people can take to get rid of acne scars

Acne is a common ailment yet easily treatable if the right steps to get rid of them. You can choose either the natural or the generic treatment options; all these are effective. The method used on removing acne scars depends on various factors, which include type of skin, severity of the spots on the body part and the duration since it first developed. Some of the home remedies in treating scars involve the use of natural creams, aloe Vera plant, baking soda, coconut oil, lemon and honey.

Severe cases a dermatologist initially carryout comprehensive assessment on the skin before resorting to chemical treatment options. Some of acne ailments could be a result of allergic reactions from oils and withdrawal of the oils can completely remove the scars; but other acne ailments can be result of stress (which you can be tested for), diet, and even hormone levels.

Steps in removing acne scars


  • Moisturizing


You need to clean the skin to free the pores, which directly connect to the skin glands under the skin. This is to ensure there is free flow of air to the inner part of the skin and further to the internal organ. Clogged skin pore is a major cause of acne. There are various over- the counter moisturizers you can apply to clean the pores as the first step in acne treatment.


  • Chemical remedies/natural remedies


Once the skin is moisturized; you can opt for the medicine to treat acne. Resorcinol, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Retin-A are some of the chemicals recommended for  acne treatment. The chemicals find their way to the skin glands to kill bacteria that are an agent in enhancing acne. Natural remedies create a PH not conducive for bacteria to thrive.


  • Post acne treatment


photo/ Ellywa via wikimedia

photo/ Ellywa via wikimedia

Whatever remedy you choose, you should maintain hygienic skin care to avoid any reoccurrence. We have different type of skins, it is advisable you identify the type of skin and use the right make up which  prevent blockage of the pores or create a habitat for bacteria for acne-causing bacteria to thrive. People with oily skin should use oils with mild oils as compared to people with dry skin.

Acne is not a life threatening illness, but can lower your self-esteem since some of them leave conspicuous black spots that destroy the natural beauty especially among the women. Minor acne disease can be treated using natural home remedies without digging too much into the pocket on treatment. Severe acne requires medical experts and dermatologists; to assess the cause and choose the right treatment plan to completely get rid of acne. If such a treatment plan offers no help laser treatment and therapy might be required to deal with the gland directly as well as use the therapy to clean the pores and their path to the glands.

In general, the skin should be free from any particles that can block the pores. Clean makeups and sweat  daily; for they act as a barrier to free circulation of air on the pores. Whichever treatment options you may choose to opt for, ensure there is a living proof on successful treatment case of the remedy.

Author: Brandon King

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