Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

Statistics on Workplace Security and Where to Find Professional Assistance

The concerns surrounding public safety are currently at an all-time high, as more people worry about the unthinkable happening during an unexpected moment. Regardless of whether someone is in a public or private space, there is an aspect of fear that can never be ignored. This is primarily attributed to the incidents of crime and violence reported over the years, which have left many people either nursing severe injuries or without their life. The good news is that across the United States, there have been enhanced security measures, with statistics showing a general decline in crime.

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Workplaces have not been left out when it comes to the threat of violence. An in-depth survey on the perceptions of workplace safety by Florida law firm Farah & Farah reveals that required safety standards have yet to be attained in the workplace. On average, 83% of women and 84% of men in the workplace feel safe and have little or no concerns, which is mainly because they have never personally experienced workplace violence. It can also be attributed to having the right initiatives in place, with a management team who actively works to promote and ensure a safe work environment for all of their employees.

Still, these statistics do not erase that there is a general fear in America of mass shootings, where even employees who feel safe still have safety concerns. There is a low probability that an event like this would occur in the workplace since these are usually isolated cases. These isolated cases are often a result of a co-worker becoming violent, and in most instances, he or she will target specific individuals. Since the media tends to dwell on this topic heavily, even if intentions are good, it can easily create the perception that these incidents are regular occurrences and can lead to persistent fear.

Unfortunately, there are still over 2 million cases reported annually due to violence in the workplace. What this means is that employees still need to remain vigilant. Management also must ensure the company has systems in place to keep employees safe at all times.

If someone has sustained injuries or has had an incident that leads to workers’ compensation disputes, it may be wise to turn to the professional help of a law firm. Employees, regardless of their sector or the position they hold, deserve to be protected and feel safe at all times. While some cases leading to workplace violence cannot be easily avoided, it’s important to receive immediate relief following an incident. Seasoned attorneys can ensure employees receive the benefits they deserve.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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