Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2019

Start-up Visas in the Netherlands – An Innovative Approach to Economic Growth

With an increasing worry over the economic stability of the EU, many countries are struggling to come up with strategies to kick-start their economic growth. This year, however, the Dutch have come up with an innovative approach and it will certainly be interesting to follow whether or not it will be effective in improving the overall economy of the nation. In 2015 The Netherlands began offering foreign entrepreneurs what is being called ‘a start-up visa’ in an effort to bring new business to the country, well known for being forward thinkers.

Global Expansion on the Rise

Many businesses are looking to broaden their horizons by capturing a larger market share in various countries around the globe. In today’s economy where an increasing number of potential customers decide to shop online, this isn’t as challenging as it was even a few years ago. With the help of professional translation agencies such as Language Reach or Translation Services 24, reaching to new markets and consumers around the world is much easier nowadays.

Whilst countries in South East Asia lead the pack for capturing new business, especially start-ups, Holland is making a great efforts to bring some of that business to the EU. Companies are looking for countries that offer ‘perks’ when bringing business in to their economy and quite often there is a two-fold consideration involved.

Not only are start-ups looking for tax incentives to keep operating costs low but are also cognisant of the need for support services in a new country with language barriers and unfamiliar local customs. The Netherlands has addressed these issues with their innovative approach to the institution of their ‘Start-up Visa’ programme.

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photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

The Netherlands’ Approach to Inviting Foreign Enterprise

As of this year, Holland has been looking for a transformation in their image and is seeking to be a contender in Europe as an entrant into the race against for example, United Kingdom – to capture global start-ups. Their approach is to offer new foreign business entrepreneurs a 12 month temporary residency permit that will also be accompanied by a number of support services. These services are geared towards helping these new businesses to grow and become stable in the hopes of continuing to bring increased revenue to the tiny nation. Of the services most alluring, the Netherlands is making it a requirement to find a Dutch mentor that is experienced in business. Not only will this help the new business transition into a totally new environment but can also help break down the barriers in language and culture.

In addition to this, the majority of Dutch people are well versed in the English language, and many can also speak French or German. Dutch translation services are also readily available for those who are seriously considering making the move.

Some of the Perks Being Offered by the Netherlands

Government in the Netherlands is working to break down barriers in an effort to give start-ups every opportunity for development and growth. When the programme was announced, some of the benefits listed were:

  • Tax regulations that are favourable for businesses, especially foreign start-ups

  • Access to business capital

  • Support knowledge and innovation resources

  • Legislation that is supportive of their endeavours

According to Dutch officials, start-ups and entrepreneurs are driving the economy upwards with the creation of new jobs and, of course, increased revenue through taxes being paid. Whilst many countries are floundering, this is one more step the Netherlands is taking to keep their economy strong and growing by the day. Known for their ability to think and govern outside the box, this latest move is in keeping with their image around the world. All eyes in the EU as well as elsewhere around the globe will be watching to see just how effective the Dutch Start-up Visa programme will be in improving the nation’s economy as well as in offering entrepreneurs a foothold in Europe.

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