Published On: Sat, Feb 17th, 2018

Start selling the sword from the ‘Star Wars’

It is a Lightsaber, the lightning of which pass through each other.

“Star Wars is a huge generation, which has a lot of fans, people literally grew up on these films, so they certainly will not be able to forget them. But, despite all this, many, even the most ardent fans of the saga, do not know some facts that are sure to be interesting for them.

First of all, it should be said that not long ago sales of the Lightsaber from the “Star Wars” started. So, if you go to the site, you can understand that we are talking about a state-of-the-art light sword-toy with light bulbs – ElecricSaber, which was developed on the basis of the Tesla coil, so that the rays easily and lightning pass through each other. According to the developers of this sword, proceeding from multidirectional currents, the ray of discharges will not pass through each other, in connection with which it is possible to stop the movement of the enemy sword. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the fact that an electric discharge with a voltage of 50,000 volts can paralyze a person. In other words, ElecricSaber can be used not only as a toy but also for self-defense.

The next moment, which fans of the series probably did not know, is that the sound of the TIE fighter is not real, in fact, it is a combination of car sound and the roar of a young elephant. It is noteworthy that this point is still being discussed, there are numerous disputes on this issue.

Also worth noting is that many of the ships that were shown in the movies were invented in quite interesting and unexpected places. For example, the idea of ​​the ship “Millennium Falcon” came to Lucas in the diner when he ordered a hamburger with a black olive. It is this dish that looks like a ship.

Equally important, now is the collection of funds for ElecricSaber – a sword from the “Star Wars”. While this information is available only to a narrow circle of persons, everyone can take part in the collection.

Fans of the “Star Wars” probably noticed that every actor who took the sword in his hand could choose his color. But, the choice often fell on blue, green and red, these colors were the most popular.

All those who carefully watched the saga saw the device for the talks of Qui-Gon Jinn Comlink. At first glance this is the most common device, not having an impressive shape, but in fact, it was copied from the female razor Gillette Sensor Excel.

And, of course, it is worth saying that many asteroids that were in the saga are ordinary shoes that were thrown through the set.

Author: Dima Zaitsev

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