Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Start Planning For Your Funeral Before It Happens

Many of us in the UK don’t even want to think about it, never mind planning it, as it is a day that we all feel is far off into the future. However, unexpected things happen and any time to plan a funeral is a good time except when you are dead. As in life, there are advantages to planning ahead of time and you would never think of planning your wedding in a few days. So why is it any different from your funeral. It is a sad day, but also an important part of your life and you want to get the send off you always have been thinking about.

At-Need Arrangements

There are two types of funeral plans. The first is called ‘At-Need’ funeral plans where everything is planned by your immediate family and friends. You have popped off and left all the organising to them. This is a difficult enough time for them without having to worry about setting up all the funeral arrangements and all this has to be done in a few days. It is an irresponsible thing to do on your part and you are creating unnecessary hardship for your family that could have been easily avoided if you had made bespoke funeral plans in Bradford already. Funerals are not cheap and this is a financial burden that your family probably can’t handle at that time.

Pre-Need Funeral Plans

This is when you pre-plan your own funeral. You may think it is being morbid and is bringing bad luck, but you are so wrong in this regard. It shows that you care about your family and you don’t want to leave them unnecessarily burdened by the death. A funeral home will help you pre-plan everything from the cask, to the flowers and the funeral cars. You get to organise everything the way that you want it and you allow your family to use the time to grieve about your passing. It puts you in control of everything and you have the peace of mind that when you do eventually leave this place, that you did your best by everyone and that is to be admired and commended.

Ease The Burden

If your family doesn’t know what you would have wanted on your death, then that leaves them with many difficult decisions to make. Maybe they don’t know if you wished to be buried or cremated and if you wanted people to see you before you are buried. Some people would prefer that people remember them for how they looked when alive and not dead. If there is no plan to follow, then family members are sure to argue as they try to figure out what you wanted. You can avoid all of this by making the plans yourself and preparing for your own funeral today.

Death is a difficult time for everyone, especially your nearest and dearest. This is not a time when you don’t prepare for them and take care of them like you did throughout your whole life. Look into preparing for the day you will leave this place, today.

Author: Sophie Fenn

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