Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

SSA Advice: Preparing Yourself for the Disability Interview

About nine million disabled Americans and their dependents receive a monthly Social Security disability check or direct bank deposit that helps them pay for housing, food, transportation, medicine, therapy, and other day-to-day expenses. The trouble is, even if you qualify it may be difficult to complete the application process and be approved for SSA payments. Many people who apply for disability benefits are denied. Your best bet is to be fully prepared in advance of your interview with the Social Security Administration.

Gather as much of your medical history as you can

Disability experts say that the more tangible proof you can present at your Social Security interview, the better. If you know how to use an Excel spreadsheet, that can be a useful tool when compiling facts about your medical history. If you’re not computer savvy, write as much about your medical history as you can into a notebook. Put receipts for prescriptions and appointment cards into a large envelope.

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

The SSA will want to know the names and contact information of every physician you’ve ever seen in regards to your disabling condition. The SSA will want detailed info about every hospital and clinic you’ve visited, along with the dates of your appointments. The SSA may ask for your patient ID numbers as well, so it’s a good idea to include those in your spreadsheet or notebook.

Be sure to write a list of every medication you take and have taken for your disabling condition. Include an explanation as to why each medicine was prescribed and by whom.

Be prepared to prove your work history, too

The SSA wants to know all about your work history, including what you did for a living, where you were employed, and when. Be prepared to show your SSA interviewer proof of all of these things going back for 15 years prior to the onset of the disability that now limits your ability to earn an income.

Other documents to bring to your SSA interview

In addition to the above-mentioned medical and work history, the SSA will ask to see your birth certificate and photo identification, along with any worker’s compensation records you may have. Bank statements that include your account number will also be required at your Social Security interview.

Although disabled Americans are entitled to government funded disability payments, SSA benefits can be very difficult to obtain. Many people find better success when they work with Social Security disability lawyers such as the team at Disability Attorneys of Michigan.

In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt put his signature on something called the Social Security Act. Although the plan was to ultimately incorporate disability insurance into the program, Social Security Disability was not signed into law until 1956, according to the official government website. 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of Social Security.

Over the decades, this compassionate economic safety net has helped millions of retired and disabled Americans. If you can no longer do your usual job because of a chronic condition, you may qualify for Social Security disability payments.

Guest Author :

Ben Perkins is disabled himself and writes on a range of topics giving information on disability benefits, personal finance matters, care and much more.

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