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Specialty and Comparison of Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses: Which Is the Best?

Your list is narrowed to two options latex or memory foam mattress. Which is the best? Actually, the answer will depend on your needs and preference. Both differ in –

  • Manufacturing process
  • Health influence
  • Environmental impact

photo/ Wolfgang Claussen via pixabay

Latex mattresses breakdown

Latex mattresses are designed from three different kinds of materials.

  1. 100% Natural latex – Raw latex harvested from rubber plants is used to create foam layers, naturally.
  2. Synthetic latex – Usually, synthetic latex is manufactured from styrene-butadiene rubber.
  3. Hybrid latex – It is a combination of organic and synthetic materials.

The manufacturing process of latex mattresses also differs. Talalay and Dunlop manufacturing process are common.

  1. In Dunlop process latex is poured completely in a single pour, which makes foam with denser feel at the bottom and soft at the top.
  2. In Talalay process latex is partially poured in the mould then air is added using vacuum and the latex expands creating a complete form. Latex is less dense, but steadier in feel from bottom to top.

Memory foam breakdown

Memory foam is designed from polyurethane and other materials that create visco elasticity feel, when you sleep on it. Memory foam classification is extensive –

  • Different firmness extent
  • Fully or partially infused with graphite, gel beads, gel, copper and more
  • Different densities
  • Varied response time
  • Aerated or molded or convoluted

Plant based memory foam mattresses available on bestmattress-reviews.org greatly reduces health & environmental hazards because a portion of petro-based products are substituted with organic-based products.

Memory foam mattress includes 3 main components –

  1. Foam layer
  2. Support core
  3. Cover

The top layer is the real memory foam material, which does not allow sleepers to sink deep. The support core promotes alignment. Both components are wrapped in a cover and zipped.

photo/ Mattress Life

Comparison of latex and memory foam mattresses


  • Satisfaction
  • Prevents pressure points
  • Relieves pain
  • Excellent back support
  • Varieties in terms of brands, thickness, and firmness
  • Long guarantees and optimistic return policy
  • Both are expensive


  • Memory foam can be found easily online or offline
  • Memory foam property allows better contour and conform
  • Memory foam supplies unique sinking sensation
  • Latex is easy to turn around, as you do not sink
  • Memory foam is a little better at isolating motion
  • 100% natural latex find the mattress cool
  • Owners of organic latex mattresses never complain about off-gassing or odor
  • Plant-based foams are best natural alternative than all natural latex
  • Latex is eco-friendlier in terms of materials and its manufacturing process
  • Latex is reported to be extra resistant to early wear and impression

What is your definition of a best mattress?

Best mattress for person A is latex, whereas the best mattress preferred by person B is memory foam.

An analysis –

Memory foam is right for you if –

  • Painful pressure points are experienced
  • You enjoy sinking sensation or deep compression support
  • Your spouse’s movement is disturbing, so a mattress with slow response time is favorable
  • You don’t overheat while sleeping
  • You desire to join eco-friendly community

Latex foam is right for you if –

  • You desire a firm but bouncy mattress, which prevents the sink feel
  • You prefer tough or buoyant feel
  • You are concerned about heat and odor
  • Want fast response time
  • You desire to tailor your personal organic mattress
  • You favor natural materials

With popularity of both kinds of foam based mattress, it is hard to decide. However, simple guidelines given above can help you in deciding which is the best. Both are wonderful, but have different feel and you will certainly find a suitable one.

Author: Sunil Gupta

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