Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

Southern Charm NOLA: If You’re Comin’ in Hot You Deserve the Cold Shoulder

Who else is loving Southern Charm NOLA? While I was not the biggest fan when Southern Charm ventured into Savannah, I can say this iteration of the Southern Charm franchise is a big ole’ cup of sweet tea.

Tamica, Tamica, Tamica. Girl you are not “comin’ in hot,” you are coming in salty. When you had a dinner party and your marriage got brought up, you were quick to shut it down. Now you want to tell those same people that it’s alright for you to be in all of their business because you’re just “telling the truth.” Friendship doesn’t work like that. Show some southern manners and keep to your own business.

I was completely on the ladies side when they confronted Tamica Lee about her poor behavior at Reagan Charleston’s jewelry launch party. She should have been there to support her best friend not looking for a fight. When you come at everyone, including the people closest to you, looking for a fight you better expect to get the cold shoulder from your friends.

Kudos to Justin Reese’s girlfriend Kelsey who walked into such an awkward situation but handled it with style and grace. No woman wants to hear that her man didn’t immediately say that “she’s the one” but she really kept herself together under an impossible situation.

Reagan’s jewelry line is beautiful and I love that she included pieces for the men. Jeff is in obvious pain from the family drama and I hope she rethinks moving without him to the French Quarter.

I want to address the situation with Barry Smith and his use of a very derogatory term. It was in the heat of the moment and wrong. He knew it was wrong and apologized to the person right away. He also has taken responsibility in a new blog on Bravo and spent last night’s episode apologizing to the group and really coming to terms with the gravity of what he said. These are conversations we need to be having because these types of terms are not ok and are still being used too often. While I do not agree with using the term he used, I’m glad that this was a conversation represented on the show.

Ghosts, goblins, voodoo and you do, coming up next week. I am holding tight onto my tea in anticipation.

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