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Solutions to the biggest health concerns in America

When it comes to discussing the most pressing health issues facing Americans today there are plenty of different sources of information available. The speed that information can be spread over the Internet means there is no excuse for being unaware of risks and dangers that you might face health-wise, because there are so many different sources offering a wide range of opinions. One of the big problems for people interested in these matters is that alternative news websites can sometimes come across as a little bit scaremongering, as they might rely on third-party claims rather than established facts. However, for the same reason, older and established outlets can sometimes be compromised by commercial and advertiser conflicts of interest.


Finding solutions to the biggest health concerns in America means deciding on what kind of information you will use as a baseline for your plans. The US Government’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a National Center for Injury Prevention and Control that publishes regularly updated ‘Prevention Status Reports’. These rank the biggest public health issues in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. According to the latest reports the following issues are some of the most important public health problems in America today.

Food safety

Poorly prepared food can spread infection and lead to large outbreaks of illness. This doesn’t just apply to commercial enterprises because poor hygiene in the home or a lack of nutritional awareness can be dangerous to individuals and their families. Simple education programs can make a real difference.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Healthcare-associated infections

Sadly infections can often come about due to healthcare procedures. Any operation is a risk and whenever sick people are gathered together there is a chance of cross-contamination. The right training for healthcare professionals is essential if this risk is to be lowered.

Alcohol-related issues

Having a dependence on alcohol not only affects the way an individual relates to those around them, it also causes many chronic conditions that can be life threatening. Anyone who thinks they have a problem should seek professional help.

Heart disease and stroke

Sadly heart disease and strokes can affect many Americans at any stage of their life. Although some have an increased hereditary risk, often lifestyle and diet choices can play a major role too. Awareness and education are again big players in getting the numbers of those affected down.

Motor vehicle injury

Motor accidents are still one of the biggest day-to-day risks and can lead to a range of injuries, some of which can cause long term problems. Making sure that your vehicle is in good condition and that you always drive safely is essential.

Nutrition, physical activity and obesity

Once again lifestyle choices about what you eat, how much exercise you take and the effects on your overall weight and appearance can really make a difference and help cut the risk of you suffering from many different illnesses.

Prescription drug overdose

For people who are long term pain sufferers prescription drugs can give them a better quality of life when used properly; however, many people can also use alternatives such as specialized clothing to manage pain. Women’s Recovery Compression Shorts are a perfect example as they can give support and aid healing. As well as compression shorts there are many other similar items aimed at dealing with muscle and skeletal problems.


Although not in the news as much today – mainly due to the fact that treatments are effective and sufferers can expect to live long and otherwise healthy lives – HIV is still one of the most dangerous diseases that can be transmitted between people so those most at risk should make sure that all precautions are taken to minimize the spread of the disease.

Tobacco use

Tobacco is well known to have harmful effects and smoking can lead to lung disease and other long-term respiratory illness. Although many people can break the habit by sheer force of will, others need help and can call upon anything from nicotine patches, vaping or even hypnosis to quit.

A healthier nation

One of the main things to come out of the CDC’s list of risks and concerns is that many, if not all of them, can be significantly reduced and lessened by taking positive action on an individual level. Sometimes this simply means getting the right information or making sure that educational programs are available to people. Other times professional help might be required. The bottom line is that in most cases there is something that you can do for yourself, so if you want to stay healthy there’s really no excuse for not trying.

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