Published On: Tue, Jun 27th, 2017

Socialists, Hartford Courant rally to defend Trinity College professor’s hate speech, racist remarks

Somehow Johnny Eric Williams has been made into the victim after “Let them F***ing die” after the Virginia shooting when posting articles on social media, attacking the “Inhuman white people.”

“THE RIGHT-wing campaign against left-leaning professors and academics took aim at another educator last week,” began the Socialworker.org article, not only defending Williams, but making the victim.

After the “smear campaign” and the “threats” against the school, closing for one day, Williams was certainly not the REASON for the attacks on Trinity College, but was just a victim.

They summarize his posts and comments, stating that “Far from being a call for violence against white people that right-wing media outlets like Campus Reform, the Washington Times and The Blaze made it out to be, Williams comments were a reference to the rise of racist terror and continued state-sanctioned violence against Black and Brown people.”

Johnny Eric Williams, Trinity College

“I never intended to invite or incite violence,” Williams wrote in an e-mail addressed to Trinity College. “My only aim was to bring awareness to white supremacy and to inspire others to address these kinds of injustices.”

Awareness in the form of an article titled “let them die”?

They continue: “ON THE other hand, it is clear that violence is coming from the other direction: the far right.”

The Hartford Courant joined the socialists with support for Williams, denouncing his placement on the “Watchlist” like it was linked to censorship: “Academic leaders say the Watchlist is part of a playbook employed by conservative groups and publications that threatens academic freedom if it causes professors to self-censor their remarks to avoid threats or possible job loss.”

The Professor Watchlist’s mission “is to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

Should “F***ing die” and racist insults against whites, particularly white politicians after a shooting, be examined? Possibly censored or result in job loss? Maybe.

The article later quotes Hans-Joerg Tiede, an associate secretary with the American Association of University Professors, who said “it’s not new that public remarks that professors make somehow cause controversy. … It’s not even completely new that news outlets specifically try to find instances and quote them out of context or even incorrectly” and that such instances “generate this response of inundating individuals with threats and harassment… There are often threats of violence.”

Protests and violence against Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos does seem to come to mind, but that was NOT THREATS OF VIOLENCE, IT WAS ACTS OF VIOLENCE.

The impact of the Professor Watchlist, which many have likened to McCarthy-era blacklists, is hard to assess, Tiede said. “As you know with the way it is with blacklists, no university will publicly say that they are not hiring somebody because they are [on the list] … but it could in principle dissuade someone from hiring. I certainly don’t know whether it does.”

The fact that the Courant would join the rhetoric of the SOCIALISTS tells us who the FACISTS are during this examination. Instead of considering punishment or termination, they are rallying to victimize Williams and justify his hate speech.

One thing is clear, in Connecticut, especially in Hartford and on the campus of Trinity College, hate speech is only in the eye of the minority and white people CANNOT be victims. Threats against whites will be tolerated, protected and supported without any consideration for consequences.

That is the now the reputation of this institution, Williams, and the Courant.

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