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Social media Versus Traditional media

Most of us can identify with traditional media that included newspapers, Television sets and radios while we were growing up. Recently, social media has given the traditional media a competition. More and more people are turning towards social media every day. Social media entails using the internet to share and discuss information among human beings. Social media is entirely available on mobile-based tools.

Today we no longer see TV or newspaper adverts and think for ourselves, we take our devices and search online for reviews and compare with other things. Traditional media is getting swallowed by social media. For example, it is possible to read newspapers or magazines online. You can also watch your television online on your mobile phone or computer. Traditional media, unlike social media, required you to be physically available to access its services.

While social media is making life more comfortable, it is a tool that should be embraced by everyone, especially in the business world. It provides you with useful platforms that can be used to market your products in so many ways.


Here are the differences between social media and traditional media.


Social media offers one-on-one marketing strategies whereby the marketing content varies from platform to platform. What you will find on Instagram is different from YouTube or Facebook. Social media marketing also requires you to be very creative to ascertain success. You should be in a position to produce content that will keep your audience interested. Traditional media, on the other hand, is suitable for mass consumption. Considering the cost factor, advertisement target specific individual and is carried on the different tools similarly. You will find some advertisement on all TV channels and newspapers which can be tedious.

Traditional media marketing involved having pre-produced content that required you to spend months creating the perfect material for TV or even billboards, shooting and editing videos. Social media needs real-time marketing that you create content in real-time and share immediately without having various departments. You get to use Photoshop or canvas and other tools to edit your content and share them.


While using social media, it is possible to come up with statistics to analyze the performance of your marketing strategies. With these tools, you can analyze likes, shares, and comments on Facebook or Instagram, demographics and competitor analysis. With the traditional media, there is no way to tell or determine the rate of your success and general performance of your advertising efforts because there are no tools that can analyze the statistics.


Traditional media is paid while the social media is free, paid, earned and owned.  Advertisements in newspapers, TV, radios will cost you a fortune. When you are starting up you may not have the resources to put up this kind of advertisement. It is most suitable for large and well-established businesses.

Social media is diverse with multiple marketing tools that are mostly free to create a profile and market your brand. It is suitable for all businesses both small and large. However, the free services may not be as successful as initially anticipated making you incorporate the paid services like paid ads or influencer marketing.They are not overly expensive and will get your brand to success. The paid service unlike with the traditional media will give you ownership and control of the process.

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Traditional media creates an audience that is passive. They get information without any platform to respond and give insights to the information they receive. Social media creates an active community. With all its multiple apps,people can share messages,videos,images, and photos and allows others to comment on them, share, like and even save for future references. The conversation usually occurs on a real-time basis, therefore, creating a very involved generation. It requires an individual to be careful since whatever they post is subject to criticism.


Social media allows you to cultivate trust with your followers on your own. Since your clients have direct access to your products online, they can get in touch with you for clarification of some issues they might have. When you respond to them professionally, and they get satisfied they will tend to trust you. Your products are also on your site, and they get to explore them right from the source. On social media platforms, you get to give your clients real-time gifts and promotions for being part of your journey. Some platforms like Instagram gives their users gifts now and they especially when there are holidays.You can find developments like free Instagram video views for your site that increases the popularity of your content and encourage traffic to your site. On the other hand, traditional media does not give clients a chance to develop trust and forces accept products that they have not identified. Itdoes not even provide the clients with a platform to deliver their views regarding the products.


Social media provides the brands and user-generated content that is available for everyone to see.You also get to react to your customers on their view regarding your content as well as make a partnership. It is a two-way tool. Platforms like Facebook also allow you to connect with family easily and even video chat with them using the Facebook messenger feature. Traditional media creates content that is professional and polished. Itsprimary purpose is to generate news and put it into publications for people to read making it a one-way communication tool.


Social media mostly uses informal language allowing its users to express themselves freely. The free mode of communication involves users, acquaintances, influencers and business owners. They use language that is diverse including visuals,images,written text, and videos.You can also view content in almost all languages around the world by clicking at the see translation feature usually available after every text. Traditional media uses formal language that is generally controlled and very professional that limits the capability of the users to express themselves. There is also limited access to diverse languages.

Final Word

In comparison with traditional media, social media is more effective and accommodating more so when used for marketing.

Author: Zeeshan Khan

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