Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

So, You Want to Start a Septic Truck Business? The Important Steps You Must Take

Even though there have been some improvements in the economy, for the most part it remains unstable. Workers are still wary of being laid off, and many companies have been slow at rehiring. Thus, many employees have become business owners. This is a great way for people to earn the money they need as well as take control of their futures. However, the most important step is finding a business idea that they are interested in, there is a need for and is profitable.

During a time where consumers are spending less money on luxury items, most businesses that are in the service sector are able to do well and become prosperous. Business that are niche specific tend to do even better because there is less competition. Due to the type of industry, choosing to start a septic truck business has proven time and again that this type of business will always be in demand.

The best part of all is that a service business of this type can be started on a shoestring budget with minimal equipment. All you need is a vacuum truck and a little knowledge about the technical aspects of the business.


Starting a business for a septic truck service like Satellite septic is a solid business plan. There will always be a need for this type of business. More than one third of commercial and residential structures have septic systems. These septic systems need to cleaned, pumped and maintained regularly. The necessity of maintaining these systems is not going anywhere as long as households and businesses continue to use septic tanks as part of their waste disposal system.

A small septic truck company has the potential to be very profitable as long as the staff is properly trained, quality service is provided, excellent customer support is given and the service is competitively priced. If the company has good work ethics, the company can operate almost exclusively through word of mouth and referrals.

Minimal Start-up Requirements

The requirements needed to start a septic truck business are relatively low when they are compared to other types of businesses. This is another consideration when deciding whether this is a viable business idea.

The only large expense you will have when starting this business will obviously be the investment in the truck. You will also have to invest money in learning how to operate the truck properly. Keep in mind, you do not have to purchase a new vacuum truck. Used ones are available through auction sites and dealers. If you find a used one in great condition, you can use it to complete jobs for customers while saving money for a new one.

Another expense that will be needed before you can start your business is the cost involved in dumping septic waste properly at a dump site.

photo Tomppa Koponen via pixabay

Start-up Options

Being creative and thinking out of the box may also help you with options to help you start your business for even less money. Consider looking for businesses that are looking to sell or business owners who are looking for a business partner.

Major companies may be looking for franchise owners in your area, and may be willing to provide financial assistance with the initial start-up of the business.

Naturally, it is important to create a sound business plan for this start-up as you would if you were starting any other business. With proper planning and the proper equipment, the business can grow to become a profitable endeavor.

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