Snopes covers for Pandora’s Black Lives Matter support, still boycott of Facebook

Pandora, the streaming subscription music service with the mission statement, “Our mission is to play music you’ll love,” found itself in the middle of a controversy after posting a statement on social media Friday supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and “racial justice.”

Our hearts ache for all those who unfairly lost their lives. We stand for marginalized communities. We stand for racial justice. We stand for equality. And we stand together to make this world a better place. #BlackLivesMatter #LoveAboveAll

 We stand together. #BlackLivesMatter #LoveAboveAll pic.twitter.com/k2t8LcpYRd

Pandora’s political statement sparked immediate reaction, much of it negative, but Snopes, a widely used “Fact Checking” website gave the claim that “The streaming music service Pandora endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement while ignoring the deaths of Dallas police officers” a “MIXED” review.

The site points out that the use of the word “ALL” in “…all those who unfairly lost their lives” and their hashtag “#LoveAboveAll” as a reason to give Pandora a break. Moreover, the analysis quickly shifts away from the topic and the lack of boycott of Facebook even though they have a Black Lives Matters flag outside their office are generally a very liberal-leaning outlet.

Tons of outlets have called for Pandora to make a statement, add a “Blue Lives Matter” too remark, but nothing has been released.

In fact, their stock has jumped due to a Piper Jaffrey upgrade which happened just prior to the boycott movement and impact from the lost customers. More on that HERE

Facebook’s stance (see image below) is ambiguous, but has not garnered a similar boycott. Both Google and Facebook have been called out for the lack of diversity with only 2% of their staff being black.

“At Google, a company that has provided more than $5 million in grants to racial justice organizations in the past year alone, just 2 percent of employees were black, as of this January. In 2015, only 2 percent of Facebook employees were African Americans.”

Daily Caller and other sites have already called out Snopes for being liberal-leaning and possibly covering for Democrats like Hillary Clinton, more HERE

Facebook's Black Lives Matter sign hasn't sparked a boycott...yet

Facebook’s Black Lives Matter sign hasn’t sparked a boycott…yet

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    What in the world is that? -what can a Christian learn in a Mosque-

    What? You are a radion streaming service- what /why is that popping up? …..was up through several songs- what ?
    What do you – a streaming music service have to do with this kind of stuff?

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