Published On: Fri, Dec 12th, 2014

‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 2: What’s ahead for Henry, Irving, Ichabod after ‘big death,’

Sleepy Hollow has featured a lot of twists and turns during its second season. Some of these have been more compelling than others, but the midseason finale that delivered on the entire Moloch storyline, but also featured the death of one of the show’s most likeable characters.

After volunteering to take down the Horseman of War, Orlando Jones’ Frank Irving lost his life, and showrunner Mark Goffman says the death will have a huge impact on Sleepy Hollow when the show returns at midseason.

Orlando Jones Sleepy Hollow season 1 photo“Irving’s death in the midseason finale needs to have weight, needs to be real and had a very strong impact on Abbie, Crane and Jenny. And that has to have ramifications in the second half of the season. “

Henry (John Noble) turns on Moloch and changes the construct of Sleepy Hollow, or does he.

“That was also something that we came up with early on. Both Henry and Headless, in humanizing them this year and developing them as three dimensional villains—we really wanted to give Henry an arc that made sense for his life. Here’s somebody who has suffered so much, and was tormented, and then buried alive for over 200 years, and he had so much faith in Moloch. Moloch he saw as his true father. And that moment when he realizes that Moloch has just used him for his own ends, and really doesn’t share that reciprocal love that only a father and a son have, that sort of unconditional love—when he realizes that, that’s what really guided his decision. We had this beautiful parallel with the Akedah, or the story from the Bible…”

Expect new demons, a different baddie or….”We felt like we had played out Moloch’s story, and we wanted to liberate the show from just seeming like we’re telling stories about Moloch’s vision of the apocalypse, or that all of the evils seem to be generated by Moloch and Henry. So this really freed us up. I think it’s going to be really exciting. Abbie and Crane won’t know where the next creature is coming from, or what evil they’re facing, or why. So the storytelling then becomes much more interesting.”

Check out more over at EW HERE

Sleepy Hollow is set to return on January 5, 2015.

New "Sleepy Hollow" season concept art

New “Sleepy Hollow” season concept art

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