Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2020

Six Ways to Cope with Cancer

Cancer is one of the most heartbreaking illnesses that people around the world must face.

There is a range of cancers that people both young and old get diagnosed with on a daily basis. And for many, it is one of their biggest fears in life. Learning that you have cancer is one of the most difficult things to be told and often causes a range of emotions that feel overwhelming to deal with.

Some of the brightest and best minds in the medical world are doing their best to advance research enough to find cures. There is a lot of hope out there that indicates one day cancer will not be an illness that constantly plagues our world. But until a cure for cancer is found, there are many ways to cope with cancer—which we sincerely hope helps provide some level of peace and comfort to anyone who has been given this diagnosis.

Image/Susan G. Komen Foundation

  1.       Understand the facts about your cancer

The word cancer can make many people’s brain instantly feel overwhelmed. But it is important to find the time, when you are able, to fully understand your type of cancer. When you feel ready, ask your doctors to fully explain your exact type of cancer, where it is in your body, and the numerous treatments can help support patients in their quest to defeat it. It is always acceptable to bring a support group as well, as you should never feel alone in this.

  1.       Feel free to talk about it

In places like a Cancer Center, patients who are suffering have the option to talk to support groups and other individuals going through the same things as them. They even have hotlines where you can talk to someone whenever you feel like you need a listening ear or someone to really show your emotions to. Take full advantage of these incredible support groups that are out there for you.

  1.       Emphasize a healthy lifestyle

While you are suffering from cancer, you actually increase your chances of beating it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Try to get plenty of sunshine, go for walks if you can, go for a swim even if you are up to it. Plus, getting fresh air and movement for your body is one of the best things you can do for your mind to cope with cancer.

  1.       It is okay to accept help

No doubt your friends and family will be worried about you and they will want to help you as much as possible. And our advice is to let them. It is okay to accept help—not only because you might need it, but because it provides an outlet to let your friends and family feel like they are helping you as well.

  1.       Understand the costs of treatments

Avoid any financial burdens by truly understanding and researching the costs of your cancer treatments and what insurance is able to cover. Talk to your work about your options and understand if you will need to take time off of work for a bit. Research any disability benefits or medication assistance you are eligible to receive. Knowing you won’t be buried in costs will help you immensely!

  1.       Experiment with your own coping strategies

Everyone deals with cancer differently. There is no one set formula or solution to effectively cope with a cancer diagnosis. Try various strategies that think would best suit you. Examples could be a meditation class, journaling, religion or a new hobby.

Trust that many people before have come out on the other side of their cancer diagnosis. While each coping method works differently for people, there are bound to be a few that can help you cope. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

photo/ PDPics

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