Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Six Ways to Bring Out Your Creative Side

There are some who say creativity is a gift. Many of the world’s most renowned artists are consistently praised for their “natural talent.” Yet, creativity is a skill that can be learned and developed–just like anything else.

Chalk art at Disney’s Festival of the Masters photo Brandon Jones

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1. Personalize Your Gifts

If you give gifts for birthdays and special events, then you might try personalizing them with creative touches. To illustrate, you might use personalized wooden stamps to add a unique aspect to greeting cards and wrapping paper.

This will make your intended recipient feel as if you did more than just tapped on your mobile device to get them a gift. Presenting people with personalized gifts conveys that you care enough to spend some of your time making them feel special.

Instead of taking five minutes online to send them something, you’ve added a creative flair that only you can provide. Who knows, over time, personalized gift-giving might become part of your reputation.

2. Try Doodling

Drawing and painting can be learned. With enough practice, you will get better. Doodling can also help to relieve stress. Even if all you know is how to draw a heart, that is fine.

Just get into the practice of drawing. If you find your mind drifting off, drawing can help you stay present and engaged. Plus, it may even lead to a few cognitive breakthroughs.

3. Write in a Journal

Sure, you can keep an electronic journal–but, it feels so passive. Writing with pen or pencil and paper requires more active participation. You must think carefully about what you write because writing too much will make your fingers sore.

Typing on a keypad is the norm, but it doesn’t invoke that tactile part of us that loves to be creative. With paper and a pen, you feel as if you have more control over what gets onto the page. You can control how dark or light the letters are.

If you make a mistake, you can fix it, but you can still tell where the errors are. And, that is inherently human.

Plus, it’s always fun to look back on old journal entries to see how much your life and perspective has changed.

It’s even more fun if you have entries from when you were in your teens.

4. Write a Song

You might have tried to write songs in your youth, then gave up as you thought you probably did not have a future as a songwriter. Well, you don’t have to be world famous to write a song. Anyone can do it.

And, you can even write songs for your pets.

5. Change Your Environment

Sometimes, all you need is a different environment to stir up your creative juices. You want a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable.

This might be at a local park, in a library or even at the home of a supportive relative. The same can be said of who you surround yourself with. Try to be around people who nurture and celebrate your creativity.

photo/ Pixels

6. Go for a Walk

Some of the best ideas come when out walking, breathing fresh air, looking at the sky and the trees. Instead of being overwhelmed with electronics, you are outside enjoying nature and allowing your mind to think more clearly.

Machines help make our lives more convenient, but they are also heavily distracting. People spend more time obsessing over how many Facebook or Instagram likes they get than they should.

Life isn’t about how many likes you get on an electronic platform. When you take more walks, you will realize this.

7. Final Thought

Creativity can be learned. So, stop dreaming, and start creating.

Author: Carmelo Hannity

Chalk art at Disney’s Festival of the Masters photo Brandon Jones

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