Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2023

Simple tips to transform your courtyard into an outdoor paradise

No matter how small your outdoor space is, you can still create a stunning courtyard garden. It’s essential to plan the design carefully because you want to achieve both aesthetics and functionality. Your courtyard is an area that fulfills different purposes, like entertainment, relaxation and outdoor dining, so it’s vital to make the most of this space. Don’t make the mistake of fitting too much into the design – instead, keep it as simple as possible and add valuable items like planters. Remember, a simple design can make an impression, too (in fact, it works best outdoors) – as long as you use high-quality elements. Read on to learn our tips and tricks for turning your courtyard into a little piece of heaven. 

Image by zhugher from Pixabay

Create a link between the indoors and outdoors

When planning your courtyard design, consider bringing the inside out. That means using outdoor materials or paint colors similar to the ones in your property’s interior. If you plan the design carefully, the outdoor space can complement the interior’s mood, helping you achieve a seamless transition that will make it hard to distinguish where the courtyard begins and ends. A good lighting scheme can do the trick, so make sure to consider it thoroughly. For example, you can suspend pendant lights over a dining table. Or, you can use exterior table lamps to make seating areas feel intimate.

Add a traditional bench

You can turn your courtyard into a welcoming retreat even if you don’t have a large space – it’s all about maximizing it. For instance, you can add a classic bench and style it with lovely outdoor cushions to echo the planting scheme and, thus, achieve a coherent look. Also, you can use the walls efficiently by using hanging baskets, which are the perfect solution for planting and, at the same time, allow you to make the most of the floor space. Consider including a large lantern, too, as it will add a cozy glow to the courtyard – just make sure to turn off internal lighting so it can look better when the sun goes down.

Design an outdoor living room

Your courtyard is a valuable space where you can spend time socializing with your loved ones. So, why not design it the same way you’d do with the indoors? For instance, you can create a cozy and eclectic ambiance by arranging the furniture so it can define different zones for activities like lounging and dining. You can also add lights overhead to create an enchanting glow at night. There are endless outdoor living room ideas, so read some Interior Design magazines or check Pinterest to get inspired!

Choose the right flooring option

Different materials can be used to create a patio, but the choice ultimately depends on personal preference, budget, and the outdoor space’s size. Concrete is the most versatile belegningsstein, making it ideal for a backyard floor. Combining water, sand, gravel and cement, concrete conforms to almost any surface, regardless of its shape. Plus, it’s durable and requires low maintenance. And the best part is that you can choose among different types of finish, including colored, painted, scored or patterned. Or, you can opt for granite paving stone, as it is timeless and doesn’t require high maintenance either. It fits perfectly in nearly all outdoor environments, creating an impressive courtyard.

Incorporate plants

Plants should be a part of every courtyard design, as they can liven up the space instantly. Not only do they create beautiful aesthetics, but they also have plenty of benefits for your health. So, it only makes sense to incorporate them into the space. However, you shouldn’t overcrowd the space with them. Star jasmine is a great plant to use outdoors, as you can easily add it to the courtyard to hide unsightly areas. This plant will create interest and provide beautiful white flowers during summer. Instead of combining too many varieties of plants, consider keeping things simple and mixing grasses, evergreens and ferns. This always works best because you don’t have to do any deadheading, which means you get to enjoy your summer evenings in your little green paradise.

Include striking focal points

If you have a small outdoor space, you must find creative solutions to make it both practical and pleasant. That said, you can add a focal point like a water bowl. Another idea is to improve the space by using artwork. Art elements are a great way to draw attention, inviting visitors to slow down and admire the view. You can also use them to generate a specific feeling; for instance, placing pieces in a small area gives a sense of safety. In urban gardens, screening can make an entire difference, as it prevents neighbors from looking into your courtyard – which can be quite annoying! Fortunately, it is possible to shield the space and create more privacy. For instance, you can use living walls or build a pavilion. Or, you can simply suspend a sail shade over the seating area. It’s really up to you!

Aim for balance

Balance matters in every aspect of your life. Just as you want to achieve a balance between your personal and professional life, the same rule applies to your living environment. But what balance truly means when it comes to your garden? Well, it’s about creating harmony in your outdoor space. When the courtyard provides interest but at the same time makes you feel at ease, that’s balance. Can you imagine a home without specific rooms in it? Probably not! Each of them is designed to fulfill a different purpose, so they must be included in the interior’s design. The courtyard is no different – while paths and terraces work as rooms in the outdoor space, it’s important to leave some areas unoccupied to enable free movement. Instead of aiming for an ideally looking space, focus on building a dynamic relationship between various garden elements. That way, you will achieve a well-balanced composition.

Last words

You can make a courtyard look great regardless of its size. Approach it the same way to the indoors, and you’ll create a beautiful space where you can relax. With these simple tips, your courtyard will look like those of magazine pages. 

Author: Bogdan Butoi

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