Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

Simple Hacks to Improve Confidence in Everyday Life

With the ever-present pressures of social media and tantalizing temptation around every corner, it can be challenging to achieve the right balance between your body confidence and a healthy mindset. Unfortunately, there are issues which can sometimes hold you back from doing things in your life or meeting new people and can get in the way of opportunities in both your career and personal situations. Self-confidence niggles are something that all people have throughout their lifetime. Even the most confident people on the outside have something that they may not feel completely happy with, but the key is not letting it control you. Working on your confidence levels is easier said than done, so making small changes to habits and perceptions can have profound effects on your physical and mental health. Self-esteem and self-confidence are often looked at in a similar way but there distinct differences in how your mind actually portrays different situations.

  • Self-esteem: whether you believe you are worthy of respect from others
  • Self-confidence: whether you believe in yourself

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These two cover different grounds but ensuring you work on both is vital for increasing your confidence and self-worth levels. Sometimes it may not seem that you can control how confident you feel because on many occasions it is often looked at in the way others make you think, but confidence comes in part from within and embracing it can unleash a whole different side to your personality. There’s no fixed way of releasing this energy, as everyone is different, but there are some basic building blocks that you can implement each day to take control of the situation and boost your levels for the better.  

Take a look at these simple hacks to build your confidence and improve your life in the long term.

Take control of negative thoughts

This is one of the most significant issues many people face, and it can sometimes be difficult to shake. Negative thoughts come from all angles and can affect people in different ways. It might just be a harmless remark that sets your mind into a spin or a personal relationship that has gone sour, but each occasion, however small it might appear, is detrimental to your confidence in some way. Negative thoughts can be hard to get rid of especially if you keep playing it over in your mind. It can also be difficult to ignore if a particular situation keeps popping up in your life. By confronting these thoughts and making a rational decision to stamp them out can help the positives overcome the negatives. It might be that you need to look at a situation differently or entirely face your fears head-on. However, in doing so, you will see after the initial apprehension that it will, in fact, boost your confidence with simple confrontation methods.

Trying something different

We all get stuck in habits that are sometimes hard to break. This routine can often impact your self-confidence without you even realizing it. By relying on certain things in your life, they act as a comfort blanket to unfamiliar circumstances. You might find that sticking to the same things day-in and day-out makes you reluctant to try new things, or in some cases, be afraid to come out of your comfort zone entirely. By thinking outside the box and taking the plunge, you may find that there’s a world of experiences waiting to be discovered which will open your mind to a better perception of yourself. It can also apply to meeting new people, as we are often stuck in a rut of doing the same things over again and only interacting with certain people we feel comfortable with being ourselves around. By opening yourself up to meeting new people and potentially using the services of companions from Angels of London, you may find that it will open you up to trying new things and experiencing situations that never crossed your mind before.

Dress for your individual style

It can be easy to get trapped in the image that society puts on you. Although you may not feel you conform to stereotypes, there are often ways that brands and companies influence us without our immediate knowledge. With the number of advertising campaigns and perceptions about how people should look and dress, it can be difficult to distinguish your own personal style. The beauty of modern society is that it is now embracing a variety of styles and genres that in past decades may not have felt comfortable to showcase. Dressing for comfort and what you like wearing can often be daunting, as you think you will be judged on your image but by embracing and opening your mind to the differences in others, you will then start to realize that you can also be more open-minded in your own style choices. If you don’t feel comfortable making significant changes in one go, then introducing smaller modifications to your style could help make more substantial changes in the future.

Learn something new

Learning is known to be beneficial for personal development and in turn, it can also help boost confidence levels in both work and personal life. When you can demonstrate your knowledge clearly and showcase your skills, it can make you feel amazing. So to boost these levels, continuous learning can give you better skills in work-related tasks and personal hobbies. Other benefits of introducing yourself to new skillsets, is the people you will also meet along the way. These new experiences can help build bonds with like-minded people that share the same interests and lifestyles as you. This, in turn, will boost connections and make you feel a part of something bigger.

There are many ways to help improve your confidence levels every day, whether this is by exercising more, eating healthily or decluttering your life, each of the above points can assist you in creating a positive outlook for a happier and healthier future. Why not try incorporating some of these today and see how great you can feel!

Author: Carol Trehearn

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