Published On: Wed, Dec 26th, 2018

Signs of Success: 10 Tips for Great Business Signs

Advertising is important for any business, whether big or small. There are some businesses that have managed to increase their sales by advertising properly. Having a business sign is important, and not having means you are losing many customers. When investing in a business signage, you want one that is going to work and pay for itself agreed tradesignshop.co.uk.

A good sign will be able to feed life into the business. You see signs everywhere and everyone sees it. There is no need for your business to be invisible. You need to have signs that grab the attention of the customers.


Having a great business sign is not as complicated as it might seem. There are many people who think you have to invest a lot of money before you can have a great sign. There are some people who have managed to have some of the best signs and they didn’t even hire experts to help them. Below are some 10 tips that will help you when it comes to business signs.

  1. What and where decision

This can be easily summed up as WHY. What is the reason behind your business needing a sign? You should be having the reasons fixed firmly. Once you are done with this questions, everything else will easily follow. Start by writing down the objectives then come up with a list. Once you do this, move to the next step of honing it down to the essential items that will be saying the most about what your business needs. The signs have to be powerful because they are seen fleetingly. You should remove any waffle and focus on grabbing attention.

  1. Siting and location

The location of the sign will have a big effect on the success of your sign. If you are planning to fix it on your building, then look at the different angles at which the sign is going to be viewed on. You can ask the sign maker about suitable sites if you are dealing with a mobile sign. A sign has a big impact because there was a study done on shoppers, and it showed 92% of them bought items just 30 minutes after seeing the sign. If you are dealing in retail attention-grabbing signs become even more important.

  1. Image and design

The colors and graphics are what make signs memorable, making it important to create unique business signs. The signs from http://atlanticsigncompany.com should be attracting the attention of the prospective customers for the right reasons. The sign is going to give your target audience a lasting impression about the business. The sign you put up must say the right things about the business. The image you want the audience to see is corporate. This is even more important when you have the sign in a crowded street.

  1. Words

This is where many people go wrong. Just because too many words are not put on the sign doesn’t mean it is not important. One thing you should do is avoid information overload. Many people will look at the sign for a second. It should be readable and compelling. Fewer words will have a bigger impact. What you are going to need are a bold headline and your contact details. This should be enough to tell people who you are, what it is you do, and how they can find you.

  1. What is the key message?

You will have a rough idea on your key message once you have answered ‘what and where’. Are you promoting a product or business? Is it a special promotion that needs to be publicized?  You should have a target of only six words to describe the offer. This can be your headline. Having too many words will make the sign hard to read. You should think about what grabs the attention of the readers – product, price, and place – and that is all you need for a promotion.

  1. Branding

A brand defines you and it will be the one separating your business from your competition. This gives you an immediate advantage. A brand provides the business the chance of creating a customer relationship. It will last for long and the foundation of the business will be built on it. The image should be consistent, and this applies to the signs too. Graphics, image, and color will help you in achieving this. The sign you make should be easily recognized as your brand. Your customers will be able to remember you all the time.

  1. Budget

Having a budget is important because it will inform most of the decisions you are going to make. You should not adopt the ‘stop and go’ policy because you will end up losing your money and sales. You should come up with a reasonable budget and stick with it.

  1. Stand out

There are many different businesses competing for the attention of the same people you are targeting. This is why you should look for ways of grabbing their attention. Signage is able to create a lasting impression. People want to know you, and it is up to you to figure out how you are going to reach out to them.

  1. Lighting and visibility

The location you choose will affect the visibility of your sign. The sign should be seen by passing readers. Try getting a location where the sign can be clearly seen and also for a maximum amount of time. Visibility will also involve weather. Bright sun can have an effect on the readability of a sign. Talk to the sign maker so that they can advise on you the best material that can be used for the sun so it can be seen when there is light and at night.

  1. Size

Your sign has to be large and clear. People are not able to see small signs, especially in busy places. Your message has to be read if you are interested in seeing great results from your sign.

Author: Brenda Vollman

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