Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Sian Brooke discusses Eurus in ‘Sherlock’ season 4, auditions, secrets

Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss promised that season four would be darker than previous years and fans sure got a dose of that with the big reveal of the third Holmes child.

Sian Brooke plays Eurus in the kind of breakthrough role and the secrecy has been insane: “It’s been a bit crazy—but good crazy. I didn’t know what to expect but it all seems to have been positive.”

Brooke confesses in the Newsweek interview that her thoughts were that the Sherlock audition was for a cameo or something.

Sian Brooke as Eurus

“I was incredibly excited at the prospect of that. They sent me two scenes for separate roles, they were disconnected and had nothing to do with each other. Then in the second meeting they dropped in another character. And that’s when I thought: ‘Maybe these are played by one person, in which case I’d love to do this,'” she explains.

“When they offered it to me, they still hadn’t told me the full extent of the character, that she was Sherlock’s sister, until I accepted the part.”

Brooke has to confess the role was “daunting” as Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Gatiss have been amazing as Sherlock and Mycroft.

“People have taken Sherlock into their hearts. The caliber of writing is so high that you just want to do it justice. You want to be able to bring the words to life in the best way. I also play all these different roles, violin playing… it was daunting and challenging. I’ve always said I wanted to be challenged and this gave me that opportunity.”

The actress recounts who she told about the role, “[The producers] did say that you mustn’t tell anybody. I signed an agreement that I wouldn’t say anything. I told my close family because I kept disappearing to Cardiff, so it would have looked a bit strange.

“I couldn’t tell people until the [second] episode had aired because of playing all of these different roles. I wanted people to enjoy it as a program, rather than looking out for me. I got a lot of phone calls after the episode aired.”

Tons of other remarks, mostly spoilers from the fourth season, so check it out HERE

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