Showing ID to vote compared to Jim Crow by Democrats Bob Jauch, Jon Erpenbach

UPDATE: Five years later and Bob Jauch is retired, Jon Erpenbach is still serving the 27th District and Tamara Grigsby retired in 2013 due to illness and passed away on March 14, 2016, succumbing to her battle with cancer. Scott Walker is still Governor of Wisconsin and voter ID is still being challenged.

The most recent argued it disproportionately hinders voting by racial minorities and young voters,  who are less likely to have IDs that meet the requirement. Voter ID largely has been on hold since its enactment due to court challenges; but it took effect in a statewide election for the first time this year.

Jim Crow references are still being made by liberals, as one woman testified recently that her elderly father, “born in Mississippi during the Jim Crow period,” was unable to get an ID because his name was misspelled on his birth certificate.

Segregation and discrimination like the Jim Crow era doesn’t seem to be as widespread as the Democrats asserted five years ago.

Published May 20, 2011: “Jim Crow move over, the Wisconsin Republicans have taken your place,” said state Sen. Bob Jauch, a Democrat from Poplar, Wis., comparing his state’s new voter ID law to segregationist policies.

Under the new law, voters will for the first time be required to show photo identification this summer in recall elections seeking to unseat several Republican legislators who pushed through Gov. Scott Walker’s highly controversial union bill. Voters will be asked to show drivers’ licenses, state IDs, passports, military IDs, naturalization papers or tribal IDs. College IDs will not be accepted.

“Hundreds of thousands of people will stay home because of this legislation,” said Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Milwaukee. “By the time Republican senators are done it will be easier to carry a concealed weapon than it will be to vote.”

Racist poster from 1866  - Library of Congress

Racist poster from 1866 – Library of Congress

Rep. Tamara Grigsby’s final statement regarding the bill was right-on. “I find it disgusting that we’re taking away people’s right to vote while making it easier for them to carry a gun,” she said in relation to the Assembly May 12 taking up a bill that would legalize concealed carry in the state. “I thought I lived in state that looked out for the most vulnerable…every day I come here now I don’t know where the hell I am.”

To make matters even worse, the Republican-run state election board is in charge of running a public education campaign about the new law and the Republican-run legislature has not allocated any funds for the campaign. Republicans are expected next to oppose even the issuing of free state ID cards.

Liberal webiste PeoplesWorld joined in the analogy: “Wisconsin-style Jim Crow voter ID laws are in the works now in at least 22 states…In the days of Jim Crow and poll taxes the segregationists, like the Republicans today, also argued that what they were doing was preserving the “integrity” of the vote and protecting us from “fraud.””

“It is plain now for all the world to see. Democracy goes out the window when Republicans are put in control of a state’s legislature and governorship. International UN observers, if they were allowed to monitor elections in the U.S., would have an eyeful.” – PeoplesWorld

Get that…if the UN was in charge of monitoring elections – let’s allow the corrupt United Nations to coordinate America’s future. This is the globlization and race game that Democrats will reduce themselves to when they disagree with policy.

“Voter suppression” is the term you will hear over and over again.

Which voters are suppressed for not having any form of ID?

“… minority and student populations are less likely to have driver’s licenses, people in rural communities can’t get them if their county doesn’t even have a DMV, the disabled and those without cars will have the most difficult time even getting to a DMV, students often move to a new address every year, and on and on goes the list of reasons why this is a terrible idea.” – Emily Mills at the Daily Page

How do these people function in our society without ANY FORM of ID? Do they have bus transit running in these same rural areas? Are they driving without licenses? How do they write checks? What if an police officer asks them for ID?

This is just another political game to protect the perceived Democratic voters, especially those who are illegal immigrants, and maintain a political grey area for voter fraud or atleast alleged voter fraud when the elections don’t yield the results these Democrats desire.

photo Frerieke from The Hague, The Netherlands via wikimedia commons

photo Frerieke from The Hague, The Netherlands via wikimedia commons


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