Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Should You Consider Counseling Or Coaching When You Have Marriage Problems?

Women from all around the world end up feeling unhappy in the marriage. This is not as uncommon as you may think. It is always possible to be faced with problems since today’s world is quite hectic. Many things can end up having an interference with day-to-day life.

In most situations the women are tired, confused and frustrated. They simply do not know how to solve the problems that appeared in the marriage and in many cases they do not even know what the problems are. There is feeling of being stuck and it is difficult to go over it.

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The Common Situations

Most often we see women that talk about having really strong communication problems. They are feeling undesired, unwanted and quite lonely in relation to the husband. That is important as it leaves a feeling of vulnerability. It is normal for a woman to want to feel fulfilled and happy. Sometimes they look for this outside of the marriage.

Sexual intercourse no longer exists because the woman no longer finds motivation to do this. For a woman it is important to feel well and appreciated in order to have sex.


Counseling in this case does not necessarily have to be about the couple. For instance, women’s counseling Oakland services are available for the women that need some help. This involves getting counseling alone, without the presence of the husband.

The problem in this case is that the lack of presence from the husband will hurt the process if there are some marriage problems that also are connected with him. Counseling can be effective when the woman has some personal problems that have to be assessed. When the situation is one that affects both members of the couple, the best thing that can be done is to push for the presence of the husband. This is also the case with the second option we will mention below, coaching.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is the option that is normally not considered by women. This is a shame since it can be quite effective in many cases. Life coaching is highly effective because of the fact that it is completely customized, positive, personal and focuses on reaching specific goals. Counseling is much more about other things and the best counselors do end up taking an approach that is much more similar to life coaching.

Making The Choice

Counseling for women is a process that mostly deals with healing the past problems that appeared. Life coaching normally focuses on helping the woman to formulate a strategy that would aid her reach a specific goal.

Both of the options are going to be effective for women that have marriage problems. If one does not work it is not at all a bad idea to try the other one.

It has to be added that we are faced with various cases in which not being open will lead towards not being able to actually go through the process in an effective way. To be sure that you will keep an open mind and heart.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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