Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2019

Short Guide to Dota 2 Betting

Being the fourth video game in the Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) gained extreme popularity as a first-person shooter game with multiplayer mode.

Do you have warm feelings for Dota 2? Is it acceptable for you to budget sum of money on Dota 2 betting? Did you make yourself ready for financial wins and losses? If you firmly reply “yes”, then it is time to run risks and swell the ranks of those who discovered Dota 2 bets.

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  • Firstly, choose a virtual place for betting. Services of multiple sites for bets are almost the same. Your aim is to select the most trustworthy of those Dota 2 betting sites. For example, at https://dota2betz.com/ you will always stay informed of all the significant updates related to players and teams, matches, rankings and tournaments.
  • Secondly, start off on your adventure with eSports betting Dota 2 stating a certain amount of money that you are not afraid to lose if result of betting won’t be successful. This financial limitation should be kept in mind, and your wallet won’t become empty.
  • Thirdly, select a possible winner of the match properly. You’d rather consult Dota 2 betting guide and carry out your own research instead of relying on the sixth sense.

Stick to Dota 2 betting tips to pick a winner and place a lucky bet!

  1. Always check the previous results of the matches between teams and distinguish players who had an outstanding performance.
  2. Never put your eggs in one basket, i.e. don’t put all inventory you have on one bet, otherwise you may regret in the end.
  3. Don’t neglect information about the match that you get from predictors (bet size, risk amount, match outcome), subject it to critical analysis.
  4. Try to conduct in-depth research on teams and players — the more valid information you have, the higher your chance to make a truly successful bet.
  5. Avoid betting if there are some doubts or suspicions, postpone it till next time.
  6. Don’t bet in Dota 2 in a state of sadness or frustration; this may result in impulsive bet and financial loss worsening your moral state.
  7. Prefer keeping to safe odds which will automatically protect you from risky betting.
  8. Stay cool-minded and calm while placing new bets; remember that qualitative betting is nicer than quantitative one.
  9. If something went wrong, and you lost, don’t try to take an immediate revenge — sometimes it is good to take a break, analyze the mistakes and come back to Dota 2 bet website after a while.
  10. Never be too self-confident: tournaments with well-known teams and more predictable outcomes can bring you more profit than some volatile matches.

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