Published On: Sun, Mar 24th, 2019

‘Shazam’ Review: Family, fun and heart make this hero super


There are post-credit scenes with the final one being more fun and lighthearted. The mid-credit scene is the direct setup for a sequel.

The clip is in the prison cell where Strong’s Thaddeus Strong is seen furiously writing the symbols to enter the Rock of Eternity throughout his cell wall. It is not working and ultimately his writing tool breaks.

Then the voice of Mister Mind can be heard, calling Sirvana’s perspective juvenile. After a moment, Sivana realizes the voice is coming from the small caterpillar creature, who is Mister Mind. There is a fleeting show of the creature early in the film and again later, the “tank” where it was scene, was cracked and empty.

Mister Mind tells Sivana, the wizard Shazam, the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Rock of Eternity are not the only source of magic…that there is even stronger, and greater magic out there to be taken. This all alludes to the formation of the Monster Society of Evil.

Ok…so, what is all of that?

Mister Mind dates back to 1943 so this could be longwinded and complicated. Reality is that the creators are pulling mostly from New 52 comics forward.

Mister Mind is one of Earth’s most formidable telepaths. He is able to take control of an individual’s mind. He also possessed many insect-related abilities, like the ability to spin very strong silk at speeds faster than the eye can see, so quickly he can encase a human in a cocoon within seconds.

The character appears as a member of former Monster Society member Black Adam’s vigilante team, organized to overthrow the oppressive government of Adam’s home country, Kahndaq. He is key on the overall arc of the series with concepts of time travel and temporal paradoxes.

This is also part of a new incarnation of the Monster Society being formed, consisting of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips, creatures engineered by Intergang’s Science Squad (including Sivana).

In Action Comics #890 (August 2010), Mister Mind has seemingly returned and infested the body of a man along with two accomplices, using them to abduct Lex Luthor, so maybe we’ll the expansion of the universe in that direction at some point.

The New 52 Shazam Family!

The third act finally introduces the Shazam Family as the other members of the foster home hold the staff, taking on their own Shazam powers.

The films’ stars are transformed: Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Ian Chen as Eugene Choi, Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña, Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley:

  • Adam Brody is Freddy Freeman
  • Michelle Borth is Mary
  • Ross Butler is Eugene
  • D. J. Cotrona is Pedro
  • Meagan Good is Darla

Here’s a look at the New 52 version:

Black Adam confronts the newly created Shazam Family (l to r: Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley, Pedro Peña, Mary Bromfield, and Freddy Freeman), as seen in Justice League (vol. 2) #21 (August 2013). Art by Gary Frank.

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