Published On: Tue, Jul 31st, 2018

Shaping the Beauty Industry: Most Popular Trends in 2018

The fashion and beauty industries are known for being the ones that continue to change and develop on the regular, bringing new products, technologies and trends into the market. If you start researching the topic, you will discover how beauty routines have been revolutionized along the years, and how in 2018, you are presented with services and products that allow you to take your beautifying procedures a level further. Among the rising movement that are noticed in today’s beauty market, there are a few things that remain most attention-worthy. These are the beauty trends that continue to shape the industry in 2018:

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Eco-friendly products

The beauty industry has not exactly been an active player in environment protection, many product development processes being actually frowned upon due to their pollutive nature. However, it seems like things have taken a turn for the better lately, with more companies focusing on deliver eco friendly products as well as using packages that fall within the same category. Plant based plastics and glass are said to be the main choice of manufacturers in 2018, meaning you won’t have to concern yourself with how the product has been made, when you are buying your favorite facial cream or hair mask. Clean beauty is the term that continues to circulate in the industry, spreading awareness among both small and large beauty companies across the globe. Richer ingredients, recyclable packaging and less water are what manufacturers are currently focusing on. The increase in interest regarding environment protection among consumers has been one of the main factors triggering this positive change in the industry, and companies that wish to maintain a positive image and strong brand seem to adhere to new manufacturing changes.

Laser hair removal procedures

Since the industry has truly embraced technology, skin care and beauty procedures have become more effective and appealing than ever. A powerful example is granted by the already well-known laser hair removal treatment. Just like the majority of women out there, you probably enjoy having smooth, hair-free skin, and have resorted in the past to numerous removal methods, starting from waxing and up to the traditional shaving. While traditional hair removal methods are a solution at close-reach, they are also known for providing short-term and even permanent results, and being rather inconvenient at times. The results are also less than perfect in many situations. The alternative that uses laser technology has truly revolutionized how women see hair removal, providing long-term, effective results like no other option available. After only 5 to 7 sessions, the area will be left smooth and hair-free. More technicians are studying the ins and outs of laser technology and making hair removal services of this kind available among consumers. This is the type of beauty trend you will not regret taking an interest in. However, keep in mind that some salons might not be authorized to possess laser tech equipment, so do your research carefully before booking a session somewhere.

J-beauty seems to be conquering the market

While not so long ago, Korean products were the ones to gather most attention for consumers, being incorporated in popular international retail stores, such as Sephora, it seems like in 2018, the scene begins to be dominated by Japan. J-beauty trends have started to increase in popularity among beauty enthusiasts. What has made japan the first choice of consumers, retail shops and even investors? The minimalistic, yet luxurious approach towards product manufacturing, as well as the well known culture of Japan seem to be the factors that make this country such an appealing source of beauty elements. From multi purpose products to skin supporting ones, the variety of purchase possibilities provided by the Japanize beauty culture is extremely impressive. The ingredients used by manufacturers, such as green tea, rice and seaweed, also captivates interest. Tatcha is only one example of brand that has been recently added to the Sephora collection, and as you know, once a brand reaches this store chain, it means it does have something to offer.

In-store high-tech beauty technologies

With the advancement of technology across various field, it would have been impossible for beauty stores to remain with the same traditional customer experience. Once you are in a popular beauty shop, you will discover how easy it has become to come across a product that suits all your needs and preferences. Because the number of cosmetics has increased tremendously, shops such as Sephora had it difficult in maintaining a proper customer service experience, and supporting each person walk-in inside one of their branches in finding the ideal purchase opportunities. Here’s where high tech aisles have come to the rescue New technologies have been incorporated within the store’s premises, which facilitate customer engagement. From features that allow you to find the perfect foundation shade with the help of facial scanning to personalizing a certain product to your best liking, there are impressive capabilities inside beauty stores in 2018.

On-the-go spa and salon treatment and services

Nowadays, you no longer need to visiting a spa or a salon in order to benefit from the treatments and services you desire, because you have the possibility of bringing these services to you. On-the-go spa and salons seem to be an increasing trend in 2018, businesses sending stylists or other beauty professionals to your chosen location with all the equipment and supplies needed. The increase in convenience has certainly boosted profitability among these futuristic businesses, and consumers are starting to see beauty experience with new eyes.

The beauty industry remains an ever-growing one, adopting new interesting trends on the regular, and taking advantage of technology now more than ever. From advanced laser hair removal procedures, which have become a must-have among a wide range of beauty consumers, and up to environmentally friendly products, it seems like things are only improving in this market. With so many opportunities, you will be able to keep your appearance in check without much effort – beauty has a whole new meaning in 2018.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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