Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

Sex trafficking expert: Google financing ‘sex trafficking website’, calls for ban on Backpage

A new report shows that Google is financially backing legal efforts defending a sex trafficking website and opposing legal reform that could benefit thousands of sex trafficking victims.
How is Google doing this? By defending and supporting Backpage.com.
By now you’ve probably heard about Backpage.com, the website on our Dirty Dozen List for its blatant facilitation of sex trafficking and prostitution ads.


The new report put out by a coalition of consumer and anti-trafficking advocates cited evidence that Google and the groups it financially supports have filed a series of legal briefs on Backpage.com’s behalf in sex trafficking cases to defend the company’s actions. The report further documents that Google has deployed a band of lobbyists to stymie efforts to amend a law that could remove the immunity clauses Backpage currently hides behind to avoid legal consequences.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) applauds this report for revealing mainstream supporters of sex trafficking.
Action Alert: email your elected representative to ask them to side with sex trafficking victims, not Google! Ask them to amend the law that is giving sex trafficking websites like Backpage.com immunity.
Please forward this email to 3 friends and ask them to take action as well. We need to send Google a message!

Author: Dawn Hawkins

Senior VP & Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Director, Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation
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  1. Name Withheld says:

    You know what? This article and these opinions are so off base that it is f…. ridiculous. There are some of us out here that are way over 50 yrs old who cant get a job and we have to do this to get by. We do not enjoy our job but by god we are not going to go back to living on the f…. street. Close down backpage and we will just go elsewhere. You better think long and hard about trying to stop this because if you do you are going to have a lot of women being raped by men who cant get their needs met.Or have you even ever thought about that?? There are alot of ugly men out here with mental problems who cant get a woman to have sex with them at all so they have to pay one to do that and if you take that way there are going to be a lot of frustrated men who will start raping women off the street at random. This sex trafficking crap issue is not about children, its about peoples moral issues who cant mind their own damn business and are so unhappy with their own self that they cant be happy unless they are sticking their nose in someones elses business which is bs. Grow up and get a life and mind your own biz. Tell you what? you pay all of my bills and pay for all of my basic necessities and I will quit cause I sure in the hell am not going to find another man to marry to support me. f… that bs. Most men are overbearing narcissist assholes.

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