Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Seven tips to make sure your international travel is its best

International travel is a dream of many Americans and many have saved and planned for years to be able to take a trip across the ocean to experience a different culture and be awed by the historic and archeological monuments located around the world. But there are things that some travelers forget to take into account and because of this, could cause them financial stress and even end up making them have to cut their trip short. Or even worse, be stranded in a foreign country.  

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Here are some tips to help make sure your travel is its best.

Plan to pay for parking

If you have rented a car, you should plan to pay for parking at the hotel you’ll be staying at. Free parking may be available, but will most likely be quite a jaunt away and if you have luggage, carrying it becomes problematic. Your best choice may be to tip a valet and ask for a loyalty program at your hotel if you plan to stay awhile. Most travelers forget that bigger city hotels and motels do not offer free parking.

Paying for entry into parks

If you plan to tour historic parks and national monuments in a different country, plan to pay a much higher rate for entry because you are a tourist. While this is not always easy to handle, it’s often something travelers forget to account for when they are planning their trip. The best way to avoid this is to have a travel itinerary and find out ahead of time what the costs are going to be.

Hotel or in-flight WiFi

Yes, internet access is expensive overseas for travelers. If you don’t plan top pay for this, you could be stuck using your international rates on your device. It is much less expensive to pay for WiFi through your hotel, so be sure to plan for that expense. You can usually call ahead to find out the cost and include it.

Cell Phone International Rates

Speaking of international rates, you cell phone company will charge you roaming fees if you don’t plan ahead and buy international packages for the time of your travel. Most carriers have international packages that are far more affordable than their roaming charges. And some cell carriers won’t even allow roaming charges, which leaves you little choice but to buy a temporary phone wherever you travel. It’s best to check with your carrier to ensure you will have access to your family at home.

Find the best deal on Island Hopping

The latest type of adventure travel is called Island Hopping. If you plan to take this type of trip while you’re traveling abroad, it’s best to find the best deals and book them before you go. Hostelbay.com makes ferry hopping between famous Greek islands more affordable than ever. If you’re planning to go island hopping in other parts of the world, search for Island Hopping for your destination. If you plan ahead, this type of travel can be exciting and educational for the whole family.

Make sure your credit card has a chip

Many US based banks use a magnetic strip on their credit cards. While this is perfectly fine while you’re traveling inside the US borders, it becomes a problem when traveling abroad. Most countries use chips in their credit cards and don’t have strip readers. This is a real problem that can cause you to have to get cash from a foreign ATM. Most banks have exorbitant fees for taking cash out in foreign countries. It’s best to avoid all of those issues by making sure your credit card has a chip in it.

Don’t forget common medicines

It’s always a good idea to carry commonly used medicines in your bag while you travel. While most foreign countries have drugstores, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get your request for Imodium AD at midnight in France translated before disaster hits. So carrying items like Advil, Antiacids, and anti diarrhea medicine as well as other common medicines is a good idea and could give you the comfort you might desperately need if you ate or drank the wrong thing.

These seven tips will help you make sure your travel is the best it can be and you’ll be able to be financially prepared for unseen costs as well as find the most cost effective trip adventures.

Author: Clarissa Caouet

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