Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2018

Services Offered by Towing Companies Other Than Standard Towing Services

Car breakdowns are common and oftentimes unexpected. When this happens, you will need a trusted tow company to either tow you to a garage, or home. Aside from offering towing services, tow companies also offer a variety of other services.

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It is important to know what else you may need a towing service for besides the standard tows. You might find yourself stranded yet help is only a phone call away. Here are other services that most towing companies offer that can get you back on the road without too much hustle:   


  • Tire trouble


Should you experience tire challenges on the road far away from any town and you have no spare, call a tow company. They will come for tow you home or to a garage. Also, if you do have a spare but you do not know how to change a tire, they will do it for you. You have no reason to stand frustrated by the side of the road flagging down reluctant motorists. These days, that is not even safe.

  • Ran out of gas?

What if you run out of gas miles away from anywhere? Again, forget about flagging down other motorists. Remember, this is not a safe option these days. You also need not walk for miles in search of a filling station. Get a tow company to come out to you. They will be only too willing to get you some gas.

  • You locked yourself out! Again!

Do you know of anyone that has not locked themselves out of their car? You must have too. It happens. Either due to preoccupation or speed, people lock themselves out of their cars with the keys inside all the time. If this happens to you, a tow company can help you out as they have the equipment to get your door unlocked without causing damage.

  • You are stuck!

Mother nature can be quite treacherous. Too much rain or snow can spell trouble for motorists. Should you find yourself stuck in mud or snow, a tow company can send a truck to sort you out. Again, if you slide on mud or snow and land in a ditch, a tow truck will get you out and back on the road.

  • Your car won’t start

When it gets cold, batteries tend to go down as well. When you get stranded as a result, you will need someone to jumpstart your car. If no one has jumper cables, or they simply refuse to cooperate, you can call a tow company and you will be on your way before long.

  • Your car needs minor repairs

There are minor repairs that can be done on your car, for instance, reconnecting parts. Some issues do not warrant towing your car to the garage. Many tow companies employ tow truck drivers who are experienced mechanics.  


  • Towing recreational vehicles


If you get stranded on your recreational vehicle, for example, a snowmobile or a motorcycle, a tow company can help you out.  


  • Specialized towing Services


These are primarily for:

  • Heavy vehicles
  • Limousines
  • Boats
  • Industrial uses
  • Motorhomes
  • Industrial equipment
  • Small planes
  • Luxury cars

These services are not limited to towing and recovering.

All that remains is for you to find a towing company near you, and you can do that by simply typing towing Miami on your search bar, or whichever your locality is, and you can get a tow truck out to assist you in no time at all.

Author: Charlie Brown

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