Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

Senate Democrat candidate Shane Morris mocks ‘thoughts and prayers’ joining USA Today, Palm Beach Post

A lot of Democrats are joining atheists and gun control activists by making speeches about the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Wednesday, but Shane Morris, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Tennessee, mocked those offering thoughts and prayers to the victims .

Morris posted a live Periscope video joking that he had “fantastic news” — “thoughts and prayers stopped the entire shooting right in its tracks.”

“Nobody got injured, nobody’s gonna die,” he continued, knowing the lockdown was still on. He actually breaks character to laugh at his own cleverness every now and them.

My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 14, 2018.

Praying Hands (Betende Hände) by Albrecht Dürer

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who has used the phrase often in the past, tweeted that Wednesday was “that terrible day you pray never comes.” Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, another repeat offender, asked Twitter followers to “join me in praying for the victims.”

Tragic news out of Florida. Please keep the victims, their families, first responders and the community in your thoughts and prayers. — Senator Thom Tillis (@SenThomTillis) February 14, 2018

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims & all those impacted by today’s senseless shooting in Florida. #PrayersforFlorida — Senator Mike Rounds (@SenatorRounds) February 14, 2018

USA Today joined the attack on “thoughts and prayers” despite noting that “Truth is, disturbed people bent on savagery will, like terrible and erratic thunderstorms, periodically unleash their rage on American society. Police and mental health professionals, as hard as they try, will not stop them all.

“But one definitive way to reduce — not end — the carnage is to dial down the killing power of these broken individuals by making it far more difficult for them to obtain their killing tools of choice: assault-style rifles equipped with high-capacity magazines.”

Sadly USA Today begins to drift away from TRUTH:

Other commonsense steps, with high public approval but resisted by the gun lobby, include toughening background checks and outlawing “bump stock” devices — employed by Paddock in Las Vegas — that effectively turn semiautomatic rifles into machine guns.

The Second Amendment guarantees a constitutional right to bear arms, but it does not preclude reasonable regulation of the most destructive weapons, according to the Supreme Court’s Heller decision, written by the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

Bump Stock regulation couldn’t even pass the liberal haven Illinois HERE. Moreover, background checks would not have stopped Paddock or Cruz, since neither broke a law preventing a gun purchase. Paddock interacted with countless people and NO ONE suspected the mass murderer.

“Now is the time for more than thoughts and prayers. It’s time for serious efforts to stop the madness.” – USA TODAY

From the Palm Beach Post: “You can stop trying to allow guns on Florida school and college campuses. You can stop gutting the state’s concealed weapons laws. You can pony up the money for more school police.”

It WAS A GUN FREE ZONE, as most schools are. It’s liberal Democrats who push back against armed guards at schools.

Rolling Stone: “Both the perfunctory offerings of “thoughts and prayers” and the childish jokes that follow them trivialize mass murder. They’re distractions from any sensible political and social dialogue and they needlessly expend the energy of both the people who spread these memes and those who read them. Everyone loses….many on the left have been posting a meme that dates back to the Las Vegas shooting last October with a clear message: the words “thoughts & prayers” are crossed out and “policy & change” are written in. And while the sentiment is constructive, it’s still a cultural speedbump. A call for a shift in discourse means nothing without a roadmap, and this fails to offer links to resources that could guide followers to their senators and representatives who have the power to legislate change.”



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