Published On: Thu, Jul 9th, 2020

Selling Your Home? Here Are 6 Ways To Make It Look As Roomy As Possible

Find out how to maximise the space in your home to help you get the best possible chance of receiving the asking price. 

Making a home that you sell look as roomy as possible has always been a good idea. Homebuyers want as much square footage as possible for their budget. In recent post-pandemic times, the need for maximising space is even more important. Potential buyers want to know that if they are stuck in lockdown again, they have plenty of room to appreciate during that time. 

Those in cities may feel somewhat on the back foot with selling their homes when there is a surge in rural and coastal property interest. If that’s you, don’t worry. There are still plenty of people who want to live in the cities and in urban areas. You should maximise your space though as homeowners are acutely aware of being stuck at home now, so inner-city properties have to really be seen in their best possible light. 

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Wherever you house is located, we have 6 top tips to help you make it look as spacious as possible ready for sale:


Nothing sucks up space like clutter. It will make any space look smaller and it will be off putting for potential buyers too. Sort through your things, selling, upcycling, gifting or recycling as much as you possibly can. You will notice an instant lift to your home. 

Use Colour

A splash of paint is a great idea to freshen up your home for sale. It can also make your home look bigger. Light and bright walls are the way to go, avoiding those dark, shady colours that suck up natural light, making the space look smaller. Do avoid plain white though as it can look sterile. Opt for a light grey, beige or even very light pink or green, to add warmth. 

Consider Removing Large Piece Of Furniture

If large pieces of furniture like wardrobes or extra chairs are taking up a lot of space, it could be worth removing them. Why not store them in cheap self storage from https://storing.com/ until you’ve moved to your new home? 

Keep Your Lighting Right

Get as much natural light into the home as you can because it helps make any space look larger. Clean those windows, draw the curtains back and let the light flood in. You may also want to cut back any outdoor shrubs blocking the light from the windows. 

Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to give a room a visual focus. They also help bounce light into darker corners, which is handy if some of the room is far away from the natural light source. 

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space

The outdoor space attached to a property is hugely important anyway, but especially post-lockdown. Green space matters when it might be all you have access to in another lockdown situation. Trim the trees and shrubs, weed and jet wash any tiling or decking. You might also want to place large items like benches, children’s play frames or storage boxes into cheap self storage (see here for more information) to show the potential of the outdoor space. 

The 6 tips above can help you unlock the roominess of your home. If you do need some help storing larger items so that your home is looking its best for sale, consider self storage in London. It can be really helpful when you need to clear space in your home temporarily, in order to boost your chances of a quick sale. 

Author: Anne Preston

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