Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

Self Care Tips For Surviving Your Divorce

Divorce can be devastating for your entire family. Not only does it take a terrible emotional toll on the adults involved in the ending of the marriage, but the children in your family are also affected. Keeping things as civil as possible and focusing on the future instead of the past can help your everyone cope as your family takes on a new shape.

Oftentimes during the stress and grieving process of a divorce, you will neglect your own health and well-being and focus on the needs of your family. It’s a natural and common reaction, but it’s never a good idea to forget about your own needs.

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Getting a divorce means that your entire life will be changing and learning to deal with the disappointment, regret and emotional pain that comes with it can be a vital part of making it through the process. Once you have consulted a Family Law Attorney and you have a plan set in motion, take some time just for yourself and remember that you can’t help anyone else if your own tank is running on empty.

Accept Help

The failure of a marriage can be a highly personal thing. You may not want to bother others with the issues that you are dealing with, but keeping things buried internally isn’t a wise long-term solution. When friends and family offer to help, take them up on it. It takes a village to get through hard times, and allowing others to help you can make things easier to bear. Take a friend up on that lunch invitation, take the loving support and encouragement from your family and let your inner circle help lift you up.

Make Time for You

Focusing on your own needs is not selfish. We are sometimes taught to keep our attention on the needs of others, but a little time for yourself will go a long way. For your emotional health, seek guidance from a counsellor or support group that can help you through the tough ups and downs that can come with divorce. Keep active and develop some time in your day to get moving or even just meditate. The benefits from exercise can not only help your physical health but reduce the effects of depression and anxiety.

Make the Kids a Priority

If there are children involved in the divorce, they should be your top priority. They will learn and be influenced by your behavior, so setting an example of civil communication and respect for your former partner can reduce the amount of stress that your children are feeling. Focus on the future and not the drama of the past.


Divorce is rarely a one-sided situation. Forgive yourself for mistakes or behavior that you regret and embrace the opportunity for learning and growing. Forgive your former partner for their failures and transgressions and focus on building a new foundation based on co-parenting. Hanging on to negative feelings and resentment following a divorce is not something that benefits anyone. Bitterness and anger should be let go in favor of a positive outlook on your new life.

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