Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

Selecting the best color scheme for your website: How to adopt a practical approach

Can you imagine a world sans colors? Don’t you think that the world would be an indeed boring place? Such is the case with websites too. If you think that deciding the right colors for your website is a very easy task, you’re wrong. There are in fact many web masters who are left wondering about the choosing the right colors for their websites and if you too are wondering about the same thing, you’ve perhaps clicked on the right post.

photo/ Jireh Gibson via pixabay

We will take a look at the practical and simple ways to select colors for your website so that you can create a successful website. How should you decide on which colors will work for your website and which won’t? Here are few vital considerations to take into account.


  • Identity and brands


This is the easiest way in which you can choose the right colors for your website. In case you’re presently working on a site for some well-known company or an organization, it is very simple to choose a color scheme as it is best to extract the main color from the identity of the brand. For instance, if you take a look at the McDonald’s logo, you can soon identify the golden M logo with solid red with the background fill. This is an identity which has been acceptable throughout the globe. So, it is sensible to use the primary colors for a company, Red and Yellow.


  • Country-specific colors


A country is pretty similar to a company as it has an identifier, its flag. So, it is reasonable and practical enough to extract the colors of the country from the flag. For instance, if you’re designing the website of BarackObama.com, you will definitely choose the colors of the American flag, red, white and blue.


  • People, culture and environment


The only issue with using color schemes from the country’s flag is that you may have the same color scheme as France might even use white, red and blue. If such is the issue, you can explore their people, their culture and environment too. In case you are designing a website for government tourism, you can definitely benefit by taking into account such perspectives of the country in question. Just as you get various beautiful website themes on WordPress, you will also get different color suggestions as well.


  • Context and content


Are all the above factors not working out for you? If answered yes, it’s high time you explore a bit more. Websites should have enough content at display and you have to check what the content is about and what sort of people will mostly read the content. In case you’re designing a site which will deal with babies and infants, who is going to read it? Probably the new moms! Now you can decide on the colors that are common among female, mothers, babies, baby things and such others. You can watch out for sources and samples for the keywords and check Google for such sample images. Find out the predominant colors used in such websites and try to use them too.

Practically, it is okay to apply any of the above listed approached discussed for cases like web designing. You may use the tool Photocopa if you want to do the job of color extraction in a faster pace. If you’re someone who has some other approaches to add to these, you are free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Make sure whatever color you choose, it’s soothing to the eyes of the readers.

Author: Jimmy Simond

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

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