Published On: Mon, Jun 18th, 2018

Security Doors: An Effective Way to Secure Your Premises

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The security industry is rapidly evolving, and many companies are now focusing on cyber-attacks rather than unauthorised entry issues. But if you are a company who sells goods to its customers from a physical location, online threats probably aren’t your top priority when securing your business. If you stock expensive goods in store, you should take measures to effectively secure your premises.

Security doors are a great way to bolster your security and reduce the risk of theft.

Security Doors

The most important place to secure in a premises is the entry and exit points, if you don’t have a solid door in place, you leave your business open to burglars. It is vital that you take steps to secure your doors, both front and rear. When a criminal looks for ways to enter your premises, the first place they will target is your doors, they are the most accessible entry points and if they are weak, they’ll find a way inside.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to install high-quality security doors. They come in a range of different options and most can be fitted on any type of commercial premises. Theft and burglary are two of the most common types of physical threats but taking countermeasures against them is easy once you install the right security doors.  There are various products on the market that can be secured to your premises, including:

  • Steel Hinged Door Sets
  • Steel Personnel Doors
  • Steel Fire Exit Doors
  • Double & Single Leaf Doors

Benefits of Steel Security Doors


  • Solidity


Steel doors are virtually impenetrable, they are difficult to dislodge or tamper with and most burglars when faced with breaking into a building with steel doors choose to give up and locate an easier target. Steel is one of the toughest materials on the market, it is a strong metal that stands up to all kinds of damage and it can easily handle your average burglar. A steel door is designed to protect your property from criminals, eliminating intruders from gaining access to your goods.


  • Automatically Shut Closed


If you move in and out of your properly on numerous occasions throughout the day, there are times when you or a staff member may forget to close the door behind you. This presents a problem, if someone forgets to close the door, an opportunistic criminal may enter your property and steal valuable items. Security doors shut automatically, this is a great security feature to stop scheming burglars.


  • Cutting-edge Locking Systems


Steel security doors feature cutting edge locking systems which without a key are almost impassable. Once the door has been shut, a common thief would find it impossible to gain access to your premises.

If you are thinking about taking steps to bolster security levels on your building in the UK, consider installing a steel security door. They are an excellent investment for any commercial property wanting to reduce the risk of theft. In addition, they’ve several additional features which makes them extremely difficult to penetrate.

Author: Sophie Fenns

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