Published On: Mon, Mar 29th, 2021

Seasonal Maintenance Musts To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Worn, cracked or completely torn roofs are not an easy task to deal with. Not when you consider the cost of either repair or replacement. Every homeowners goal, from the moment of installation, should always be to keep the roof in tip-top shape. This ensures our roof lasts longer, while optimizing its use. Despite our best attempts, however, we all know that the elements of the weather play a huge role in negating our every step to do so. Storms, snow and heavy rainfall. All of these are pretty common, yet are so damaging to roof material that a complete overhaul might be necessary after just one occurrence. What is the best method to maintain upkeep of your roof against these odds ? A few of these tips below might help.

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Shingle Health

The shingle tiles on your roof are the single greatest source of protection from the natural elements such as the sun and the rain. It is definitely reasonable that these components of your roof might succumb to wear and tear over time. It is for this very reason that it is necessary to do constant checkups on your roof to check for loose or falling shingles, curled tiles, or ones that have cracked. Getting on the road to recovery with these sometimes requires the help of a professional.

However, if you are a fixer-upper, with proper background information, you could certainly handle the re-installation of a few shingles yourself, and maybe even become a pro at it. Regardless of the method you choose, repairing these small tiles are the first step to keeping your roof intact. When it comes to your shingles needs, an experienced roofer in Edgewood may be able to help.

Dangers of Rust

Rust means that the material on the part of your roof made of metal is undergoing duress, either from age or moisture. The repair of rust on your roof components is a relatively easy task, and might only require a little bit of anti-corrosion paint. If the problem has progressed far enough, the part might need a full replacement. If you are hesitant, it is good to remember in these cases that in the grand scheme of things, replacing a part of your roof is always much cheaper than the cost of replacing the entire thing later down the line.

Clean Your Gutters

This might be obvious to some, but a clean gutter really does help to maintain a roof. When debris and garbage gets stuck in the gutter, it becomes clogged. This leads to improper drainage. In turn, this causes problems like water and moisture retention, shingle damage, mold and mildew, and leaking. Regularly cleaned gutters means that there’s no chance of blockage, and water is free to run and give your roof the chance to properly get rid of accumulated moisture.

The Fight Against Snow

We all can agree that the moisture from settled snow is damaging to the materials that composes our roofs. It can cause the growth of algae, moss and fungi if not dried properly. Not only will this affect our roof, but it can also pose a health hazard to homeowners as well. That, however, is not the only problem snow on our roofs can bring. The weight of the snow alone can cause irreparable damage to our roofing systems. To say snow is heavy is an understatement.

A foot of ice being glued to our rooftops can cause shingles to break, or overtime, our roof can cave in due to the pressure. This is especially high-risk right after a storm. It’s important to clean our roof free of snow so we can relieve the pressure, and have our roof lasting for much longer. If you have questions regarding this aspect of your roofing needs, a roofer in Edgewood KY may be able to help.

Indoor Leaks

One good tip that’s always a surefire indicator of a damaged roof is leakage. Constant drips, accumulated wet spots, or even mildew are all signs of moisture getting through. Ignored for too long, this never bodes well for your roof’s wellbeing. In identifying the damaged spot however, it becomes that much easier to get started on getting it back to an acceptable state.

It might require replacing a shingle or two, or adding some sealant, but often enough these types of problems can be fixed pretty quickly. Sometimes, they can also be key indicators of a much larger problem that might take a while more to be repaired, but catching these signs early can save you a ton load on repairs later on.

Overgrown Trees

Trees are certainly good for the environment. Useful tools for shade and food, good trees can be a comfort to have around. Unfortunately for our roofs, however, when trees shed, their collective debris can be quite damaging. The fallen leaves gather on the roof, and store moisture, both from rainfall and naturally as they degrade. That’s why it is so important that overhanging branches from trees that grow near your roof be trimmed. If trimming is not possible, then your roof will need to be cleaned that much more often, and even then, a few pieces might be missed or get stuck and cause problems later. Trimming is your best bet in this scenario.

Proper Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation and ventilation are double edge tools. One protects against the heat and accumulation of moisture, while the other protects against the cold and subsequent heaviness of hardened ice as a result of this cold. Ventilation helps your roof during hotter times to be more conducive to the heat and prevent issues such as curling and cracking. In instances like these, a roof that is adequately ventilated allows heat to pass through well enough so that when the cold months come around, the stored heat of the summer does not cause your shingles to split.

On the other hand, proper insulation helps with the accumulation of snow on your rooftops. With insulation techniques, the snow that settles is prevented from forming ice, and subsequently adding to the settled moisture on your roof. Ask your roofing contractor about the best insulation package for you, and set up your ventilation system so that your roof remains roughly the temperature of the rest of your house.

Replacing a damaged roof is no easy task to handle. Even with the nuisance of having work done aside, the cost of repair can go through the roof (pun intended). Combatting these problems, however, starts from our maintenance habits. How well and how often we check our roofs for possible problems and damages really reflects on us as homeowners. Let’s start by taking one weekly step at a time, from checking for problems, to cleaning debris. Proper roof-care begins with you.

Author: Brenda Vollman

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