Published On: Sun, Jun 3rd, 2012

Sean Hannity’s silly criticisms of Obama when there are ‘kill lists’ to discuss

By now we all are aware that Fox News host Sean Hannity is anti-President Obama and there are a great number of reasons to feel that way, both domestically and on foreign policy and military matters.

However, the Republican mouthpiece so often is caught up in the minutia of the President’s gaffes while serious issues need to be debated.

For example, on the Tuesday May 29 episode of Hannity, the host was discussing President Obama’s Memorial Day remarks with former 3-Star Admiral Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak and neoconservative thinker Liz Cheney.

Hannity, always a supporter of the military and the use of military force starts out by placating the admiral by saying, “My father, by the way, served four years in the navy in World War II”. Of course, Mr. Hannity never donned a uniform or took up a weapon and made the same sacrifice.

Hannity then goes off into a useless mindless rant about President Obama’s pronunciation of the word corpsman (Obama repeatedly mispronounced it as corpse-man). This mindless banter went on for some time.

Sestak countered Hannity’s trivialities with, “Probably one of our strongest commanders in chief (speaking of Ronald Reagan), said that the use of the military is always and only used in a last resort. And I think that’s the big issue here. Are we making the right decision how and when we use our men and women? Not if someone mispronounces something because that’s not enough to speed. And — we have to focus on”.

Liz Cheney chimed in with an expected response:

“Well, you know, it strikes me that the President himself didn’t know how to pronounce the word and he obviously didn’t have anybody around him who knew how to pronounce the word, but I do think that, you know, we’re dealing with the President — we are dealing with a President who is as you know and as you have talked about so much, Sean, there’s just real danger here with a President who doesn’t understand, whose policies don’t reflect the fact that the world is safer when America is ascendant. Who is getting very importance advice from his commanders on the ground both in Afghanistan, and we learned just last week one commander asked for an additional troops”.

This leads me to my point.

While Hannity is wasting time arguing the pronunciation of the word “corpsman”, that same day, the New York Times published a powerful expose on the “Obama Kill List”.

The piece by Times journalists, Jo Becker and Scott Shane, describe the macabre way Mr. Obama personally selects who lives, and who dies.

“The Decider”, who once was a vocal opponent of the Patriot Act and was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is now taking the power of the Presidency to a new, atrocious level.

As Joe Wolverton in The New American describes:

As a candidate, President Obama, a former adjunct professor of law, ran on a promise of ending foreign conflicts, bringing home the troops, and closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay. In just over three years, this professor of peace has become the decider of death. In a very real and irrefutable way, the American people have permitted the President of the United States (beginning with George W. Bush and the passage of the PATRIOT Act, the Authority for the Use of Military Force, and other similar legislation) to create a codified grant of the unalienable right over life and death. The most bloodthirsty of the Roman dictators has much to envy in the power assumed by our last two executives.

Therefore, I repeat, while Hannity is focusing on nothing, true lovers of liberty are harshly criticizing the President’s policy.

Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote in Reason.com Thursday:

We have known for some time that President Obama is waging a private war. By that I mean he is using the CIA on his own — and not the military after congressional authorization — to fire drones at thousands of persons in foreign lands, usually while they are riding in a car or a truck. He has done this both with the consent and over the objection of the governments of the countries in which he has killed. He doesn’t want to talk about this, but he doesn’t deny it. How chilling is it that David Axelrod — the president’s campaign manager — has periodically seen the secret kill list? Might this be to keep the killings politically correct?

Can the president legally do this? In a word: No.

The president cannot lawfully order the killing of anyone, except according to the Constitution and federal law. Under the Constitution, he can only order killing using the military when the U.S. has been attacked, or when an attack is so imminent and certain that delay would cost innocent American lives, or in pursuit of a congressional declaration of war. Under federal law, he can only order killing using civilians when a person has been sentenced lawfully to death by a federal court and the jury verdict and the death sentence have been upheld on appeal. If he uses the military to kill, federal law requires public reports of its use to Congress andcongressional approval after 180 days.

While real violations of the Constitution are happening all around us, Sean Hannity is focused on worthless mockery.

The Hannity show is the political talk show equivalent of comedy classic Seinfeld—“a show about nothing”.

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