Published On: Wed, Apr 9th, 2014

Sean Hannity ridicules Michael Savage and his college degrees. Really?

I’m not a fan of Sean Hannity or Michael Savage,neither are my cup of tea; however, Hannity recently increased his buffoonery factor, likely for ratings, by ….get this of all things–Criticizing the college education of Savage!

A university education is certainly not the end-all concerning the definition of a person; however, Hannity, a noted college dropout criticizing a man with multiple graduate degrees just seems like the wrong path to go. Hannity should pick his battles more carefully because he clearly loses this one.

Image/Video Screen Shot

Image/Video Screen Shot

On a recent airing of his radio show, Hannity, trying to be funny said, “Great degrees, you gotta admit, in herbs and spices. Really great stuff. Very impressive. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

If I were just to list Savage’s undergraduate work (BS Biology), that alone would blow Hannity away. But Savage’s education and expertise goes much further–From the University of Hawaii Savage was awarded two graduate degrees– a Master of Science in medical botany and a Master of Arts in medical anthropology.

And it doesn’t end there. He earned a Ph.D. in Nutritional Ethnomedicine ( a form of medical anthropology) from the University of California, Berkeley.  His dissertation was on “Nutritional Ethnomedicine in Fiji.”

Is Sean Hannity trying to go the way of his buddy Mark Levin (or his competitor, Savage) in spewing nonsensical insults and name calling instead real, honest debate just to increase his Arbitron ratings?

Actually, it sounds to me that Hannity’s snarky comment above shows something of a envious side to a Republican radio host that brings so little to the table.

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  1. Larry NYC says:

    Hack Hannity is a scroll of RNC/FNC talking points, better suited for his TV gig, with his Jack Kennedy coiffure & teleprompter, featuring his Great Uneducated-American Panel consisting of fellow hacks of both parties & the obligatory bleach blonde bimbo. Leave talk radio to the real deal : knowledgeable, funny,introspective, spontaneous, and while conservative – put it in your own words! Dr.Savage fills the bill.

  2. Steve McFadden says:

    Michael Savage is generally very imformative and entertaining at times. He does get on the rant at times and can even be boring when stuck on a subject i don’t like (i turn him off). Hannity on the other hand is downright boring and repetative. I don’t listen to him anymore primarily because he does not give me anything I don’t already know about. I don’t enjoy him anylonger like a don’t like fox anymore. Too many lefty guests.

  3. William Post says:

    I sometimes listen to both shows & while I do respect Dr Savage’s education I find him hard to listen to for long. [he did write a good book on beer though] Throughout his shows he goes on emotional rant after emotional rant usually with no apparent connection to anything. He’s also very jealous of the success of both Hannity & Limbaugh & peppers his show with snarky comments about both commentators.
    Hannity, on the other hand, I generally reasonable & personable. While he does not have a great deal of formal education [he’s a college drop-out] he does do considerable reading in preparation for his show.

    • Listener says:

      Hey William post- you must be listening to a different Savage! His show blows boring tired old Hannity out of the water. Hannity is a broken record with no originality. He can tell you abouth Ruth Chris’ menu though!

  4. Talk Guy says:

    Hannity will never be Dr. Hannity.

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