Published On: Fri, Mar 25th, 2011

Sean Hannity on declarations of war

Thursday evening on FOX News’ ‘Hannity”, Sean Hannity held his ‘Great American Panel’ during the second half of the program. One of the topics was impeachment of the President and declarations of war.

His guests were Imus right hand, Bernard McGuirk, associate professor of Political Science at Occidental College Caroline Heldman and former Maryland governor Rob Ehrlich.

Hannity starts out the discussion by playing a Joe Biden clip from 2007:

“The president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million unless we are attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked. If he does, if he does, I would move to impeach him.”

Here is the discourse that went on after the showing of the clip. The Unidentified male in the transcript is Rob Erlich.

HANNITY: I would move to impeach him.

MCGUIRK: Wait a second.

CAROLINE HELDMAN, OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE: Biden is right. There is no constitutional power to do this. Presidents from Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Bush –

HANNITY: I’m enjoying every minute of this. I’ll never interrupt you. Keep going.

HELDMAN: The constitution has been trampled by President Obama, President George W. Bush.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time out. I was in Congress. I swore he came to congress I voted on it. He came to Congress unlike this president.

HANNITY: Big difference.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Big difference.

HELDMAN: No, what Congress did under George W. Bush is unconstitutionally transfer the ability to go to war from the Congress.

HANNITY: The authorization for the use of force in Iraq and Afghanistan was granted by the United States Congress, as per the constitutional requirement.

HELDMAN: It was not. What the Congress did in Iraq they transferred power to the president to go to war.

HANNITY: They authorized the use of force. Tell me in the constitution where it gives specific words you need to use. It doesn’t exist.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just the declaration of war, is that your point? Is that your –

HELDMAN: Correct.

HANNITY: Those words don’t exist in the constitution. They do not exist.

HELDMAN: The war powers resolution requires Congress and the president to work together on this. That’s not what happened.

HANNITY: If they authorize force Bernie, they are authorizing war. I’m sorry, they are authorizing kinetic military action?

The Professor was spot on as she was ganged up on by these three fools. The Congress neglected their duty once again by transferring the power to take the United States to war to the President in 2003.

Only Congress has the authority to declare war

Just because the Congress gave an “authorization to use force” hardly makes it a constitutional act.  Where in the Constitution is Congress given the authority to change the constitution by granting an authorization to use force?

What Mr. Hannity is saying goes against the very principles of a constitutional republic.

As James Madison said, “the executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war.”

Also is Hannity saying “declaration of war” is not found in the Constitution by saying those words don’t exist in the constitution. They do not exist.? Not sure what he meant by that.

Again Sean Hannity bastardizes the Constitution to defend George Bush. He never brought up all the Constitutional violations the Bush administration did during those eight years but soon as Obama comes in office, constitution is every other word that comes out of his mouth.

It is clear that both men and most in Congress are huge violators of the Constitution and all are guilty regardless of party loyalty.

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