Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Sean Hannity gives reason why Donald Trump is ‘refreshing’, Coulter disgusts yet again

Glenn Beck asked several Republican talking heads who frequently describe themselves as conservatives (Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh) the following, “Why are big name “conservatives” supporting him?”, as he called for a dialogue Friday.

Beck and Hannity have gone back and forth in a very civil manner, Beck appearing on Hannity FNC TV show and today, Hannity appearing on Beck’s radio show.

Donald Trump photo/ donkeyhotey

Donald Trump photo/ donkeyhotey

Hannity, despite what he may say, has swooned all over the “former” liberal-leaning, progressive billionaire, Donald Trump, as have the vile Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

On the Glenn Beck Radio program this morning, Sean Hannity said that people find Mr Trump “refreshing” and he goes on to describe why (italics mine):

“Number one, people are tired of political correctness (true enough). Obama has so destroyed the country that people are ready for a dramatic change, which I argue we also need (again, true). It’s not a time for half measures. We need real conservatives. Liberty-loving, constitutional conservatives that will balance budgets, limit the size and growth of government, offer alternatives to Obamacare, secure the borders (which of these descriptions, beside the last, describes the authoritarian Trump???!!!). All those things that you and I talk about every day. And I would argue that this is the time that we need this vibrant debate and discussion.”

Seriously, Mr Hannity?!

Then there was the horrible Ann Coulter, who tweeted this repugnant statement on the microblogging site after reading Trump’s immigration position paper: I don’t care if wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper. 

coulterNot clear if Coulter was just embroiled in one of her hyperbolic rants or if she actually meant it, either way, clearly Coulter continues to show her noxious self day-in and day-out- a real class act.

Then there is good ol’ Rushbo. Another “conservative” swooning all over Trump. So much so that Limbaugh really gave himself an “atta-boy” on today’s show after reading Trump’s tweet: Listening to on way back to Jury Duty. Fantastic show, terrific guy!

Maybe all three talking heads should go take a refresher on conservatism at the “Rush Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies”. Good grief!






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