Published On: Thu, Jan 14th, 2016

Scriptures pointing to ‘post-tribulation’ rapture, Jesus coming and End Times

As far as speaking of the resurrections, first it was Jesus, then the first fruits (24 Elders), then it’s the rapture of the saints, then the final resurrection, when all of mankind, from Creation Week till Satan is cast in the Lake, is resurrected to face the White Throne Judgment.

In 1st Corinthians 15:52, it says: “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

1627 Bible from Portugal opened to the Book of Revelation photo Biblioteca Central UFRGS Flickr via wikimedia commons

1627 Bible from Portugal opened to the Book of Revelation photo Biblioteca Central UFRGS Flickr via wikimedia commons

Here is where I say certain preachers are liars.

What concerning “at the last trump” don’t they understand?

No more trumpets are going to be blown before the rapture takes places.  We have eight angels with seven trumpets which are blown in the book of Revelation, while the tribulation period is in full swing.  Those false teachers would have to have an evil agenda in order to overlook “at the last trump”.

In Revelation chapter eleven, the eighth angel sounds the seventh trumpet, which is after the two witnesses are resurrected, and are called to Heaven to give their report to the High Priest (Yeshua).  Again, this looks very much like the sighting of the renewed Moon for the Day of Trumpets, where two witnesses would be called up into the Temple to give their report of what they saw to the High Priest.

In Matthew 24:29-31, Yeshua specifically says “AFTER the tribulation of those days”, the heavens will be shaken.  Then men shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds.  After that, He will send His angels with the great sound of the trumpet, and gather His elect.  All of that clearly indicates the rapture of the saints to be after the tribulation is ended.  Anyone trying to teach otherwise has to have evil intentions, since I’ll take it for granted that they can read with standard comprehension

At the second coming of Yeshua (2022 AD?), swords come out of Yeshua’s mouth and He kills the armies of the anti-Christ at the first battle of Armageddon.

Satan is bound for 1,000 years, and the saints are raptured and judged in Heaven.

Those that are deemed worthy shall be assigned to rule the universes that the rebel angels vacated when they fought against God.  The other saints shall live in the New Jerusalem, when Yeshua returns a third time (with all His saints) after the thousand years of peace are finished. This is all after Lucifer is loosed from the bottomless pit for seven years, causing Gog and Magog to fight against Israel, and to cause evil and anti-Semitism one last time.

But that is reason to rejoice, for it is Lucifer’s last stand, as discussed in Part 3.

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