Published On: Wed, Feb 18th, 2015

Scott Walker under attack for not having college degree

Scott Walker has climbed to the top of the GOP candidate list to run for President in 2016, but the critics have now turned their sites on the governor from Wisconsin. The attacks; however, are not directed at his record, his comments or his plans, but rather – his lack of a college diploma.

“The issue is, how well educated is this guy?” said Howard Dean, a former Vermont governor who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2004, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Feb. 12, amid a surge in polls for Walker. “I worry about people being president of the United States not knowing much about the world and not knowing much about science.”

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“College used to be a mark of something (and someone) special, a level of education that separated the intellects from the less-academically inclined,” began the article by Susan Milligan.

She continues on an overture regarding the need for the uneducated workers, the electrician for example, before targeting Walker.

“Walker, a Republican, never graduated from college. He dropped out in the spring of his senior year at Marquette University – the exact reasons are still unclear – and it certainly hasn’t interfered with his success. He is, after all, governor. But is that a plus or just a blip on his resume that shouldn’t matter?”

Rush Limbaugh raced to address the topic on his radio show and raised the counter arugment.

“There are far many more people who do not graduate college than do, and college graduates today, it’s not the same as it was decades ago. The learning is different. The amount of debt college graduates have when they get out of school these days is something that previous generations didn’t have to deal with. But it’s more a point of relatability, understanding. Ordinary people, the people that make the country work, it’s all about being able to relate to them. And the inside-the-Beltway elites not only can’t relate, they don’t want to.”
The article notes that Limbaugh is right before asking “But should we not demand this basic credential from the person we empower to run the country, start wars and negotiate with foreign leaders? If employers demand college degrees – and for no other reason than that they can, not because the job itself requires a college education – then why not impose this minimum requirement on the leader of the nation?”

“We’ve had an Ivy League-trained lawyer in the White House for the last six years who was pretty good at reading off a TelePrompTer but then done a pretty lousy job leading this country,” he added, referring to President Barack Obama.

“I’d rather have a fighter who’s proven he can take on the big-government special interests and win,” said Walker, who fended off a recall challenge two years into office and easily won re-election in November.

“I think there’s a lot of Americans out there who scratch their head and say, we have people who helped found Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, plenty of other successful businesses, enterprises across this country, did exactly the same sort of thing I did – have an opportunity to start a career, have an opportunity to start a business, senior in college, went out and did it,” Walker said.

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