Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

Scott Walker still under attack, Scott Baio counters with endorsement

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has separated himself from a ton of rumored GOP candidates for a 2016 Presidential run and has drawn the ire from leftists, this time from Mother Jones on the environment. Conservatives are flocking to the Walker campaign after a Rush Limbaugh “praise session” during one of his segment, the latest being actor Scott Baio of Happy Days and Charles in Charge fame.

Described as a “rising star” who is “killing it” with Republicans, Mother Jones gives an overview of “Walker’s inglorious history of anti-environmentalism.”

Walker is a key figure in the GOP’s battle against President Barack Obama’s flagship climate policy—the proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules that are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the nation’s electricity sector 30 percent by 2030. The rules will likely require states to retrofit or shutter some of their coal-fired power plants. That could be a big deal in Wisconsin, which gets 62 percent of its power from coal.

Scott Walker speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, DC.  photo Gage Skidmore

Scott Walker speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, DC. photo Gage Skidmore

Links to the Koch Brothers, legislation to where wind turbines could be built, “pandering to corn farmers in Iowa” and his openness to open pit mining were itemized in the article.

Attacks on Walker are sure to come from opponents, so his campaign is likely claiming this like a badge of honor. Baio has jumped to the front of the line of Walker supporters.

“Gov. Walker sounds a lot like President Reagan. #WalkerFor Pres,” the tweet read, with a picture of the actor posing alongside Walker.

Walker tweeted back Wednesday, writing: “Thanks! We both love Reagan, I’m flattered,” along with the hashtag #ChachiandWalkerLoveReagan.

Last month a reporter mocked Walker for “admitting” that he is prayerful and seeking God’s will.

Gov. Scott Walker’s office was unable to provide any transcripts of his conversations with God http://t.co/R8dcqhNpqR— Taegan Goddard (@politicalwire) February 24, 2015

Walker came under attack for not having a college degree and Senator John McCain’s aide Mark Salter to a shot of Walker after the Wisconsin governor compared handling protesters to handling foreign policy issues as president.

“I want to like him but Scott Walker is kind of a dumb ass,” Salter wrote on Facebook.

Then there was the “Tell All” article, which targeted the Walker campaign (and Fox News) for selecting women who are too attractive.

I can’t help noticing that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker picks beautiful young women to be the spokespeople for his administration and his campaigns. By my count there’s Laurel Patrick, Alleigh Marré, Jocelyn Webster and Ciara Matthews. Matthews, you recall, is the one who made headlines for being a former Hooters waitress.

It reminds me of Fox News, which uses super-sexy women as on-air talent rather than a normal range of women who just happen to be good journalists. As with Fox, it’s hard to believe that the most talented females available to fill Walker’s frontline jobs also look like models. The thinking seems to be: We’ll use this eye candy to make our “product” more palatable, just as the advertising industry has always done with noxious products like cigarettes and fast food. (Emphasis added, BBJ – The Dispatch)

Scott Walker speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, DC.  photo Gage Skidmore

Scott Walker speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, DC. photo Gage Skidmore

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  1. Richard says:

    Why not use beautiful women in tv journalism if they are smart. I had much rather watch Megyn Kelly than say Helen Thomas in front of the camera. For Walker, the attacks are just beginning and his “no college” is probably a plus. Common sense far exceeds a degree in making decisions that effect our nation. If you don’t believe this, then look at Harvard educated Barack Obama.

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