Scientists pardon their fraudulent science

I have to apologize for expecting scientists to behave like scientists: skeptical and honest pursuers of the truth.

Right before the holiday weekend, while everyone was distracted by fireworks, hot dogs and family gatherings, the international groups of scientists announced the lies and deceit have had NO effect on their global warming theories.

Michael Mann doctored the famous temperature “hockey stick” and disclosed some of his dishonest handling of data in the “Climategate” e-mails, but it will all be whitewashed. The hollow investigations will never dive into the actual questionable science.

Then there’s Phil Jones, who violated the Freedom of Information Act, who will get a slap on the wrist and told “better statistical methods might not have produced significantly different results” — or contradictory results, perhaps?

These men are not criminals because there were no “laws broken” but most disturbing, the scientific community is circling the wagon to protect these men, guard their reputations and most important: stick to the plan.

Global Warming will still be preached to the sea of naive who will then act like little foot soldiers to wage war on SUVs, light bulbs and home insulation. “Going Green” is here to stay, CAP & Trade regulation is coming soon to an electric bill in your mailbox as the global warming hoax heals its wounds.

Humans are still to blame, even if they don’t have the science to back it up.

photo/ Darwin Laganzon

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