Published On: Sat, Dec 8th, 2018

Saying a Remarkable Farewell to Someone Before You Part Ways

Not everyone stays in your life forever. At some point, you might have to part ways for whatever reason. You can’t force the person to stay, but you can do something to make your farewell remarkable. If you value this person, you will not allow the two of you to part ways without having a sweet goodbye.

Throw a surprise farewell party

Invite the people close to your life and that of the person who is leaving. It might be time to gather once again to show your appreciation for your special friend or loved one. It could also be a chance for everyone to patch things up before it is too late. The party does not have to be big. You can gather in a local café or at your place. As long as you can find a way to surprise this person, it will be good enough.

Buy friendship jewellery

If you want something to remember this person by, you can buy jewellery that is identical. You can keep one while your friend has the other. One of the best ideas is to purchase a fingerprint necklace UK retailers sell. The jewellery is unique since it contains fingerprints. You can have your fingerprints imprinted on the one that you give to your friend and vice versa. When you wear the jewellery, you will start to remember each other. It might be slightly expensive, but you can’t put a price tag on your friendship.

Write a heartfelt letter

In today’s age of technology, even if you are far apart, it seems like you are still near. If you miss each other, it won’t take much time to call or send a message. However, you can use a traditional route by writing a letter on a piece of paper. You express everything you want to say on this paper and give it before your loved one leaves. The effort you put into writing the message by hand is something your friend will appreciate.

Do the things you loved doing together

To celebrate your friendship, you can do the things you enjoyed doing together like dining in your favourite restaurant or watching a movie together. It is a nice idea to look back at the moments you shared, and probably the last time you will have a chance to do it before you part ways. You can spend a day where you do nothing else other than reminisce about your time together.  

Saying goodbye is not easy, and it is even more difficult if you are doing it to a person you never thought you would part ways with. However, you need to understand that it is a part of life. At some point, you will say goodbye to the people you love as you have different plans in life. Nevertheless, if you do these things, you can make the farewell remarkable. Most of all, you can’t let this separation prevent your friendship from continuing to blossom.

Author: Oliver Samson

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